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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut Blogs New Features September 2014

New Features – September 2014 Release

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It’s wonderful to have active customers who are regularly sending in feedback. Our latest feature release is to celebrate these customers as they drove most of it. There are also some other optimizations that we have introduced. Here is a quick rundown of these new features.


Major Additions

RULES & COUPONS: We now have a rich rules engine. To get started, have a look at MORE -> Rules. Add coupons for general discounts or extra charges. Or define rules for seasonal pricing, customer category etc for instantaneous price adjustments.


SCAN VERIFICATION: You can scan items in your drafted orders, one by one, for verification. This may come in handy when you’re marking items ready-to-be-rented-out. Similarly, you can do this verification before these items are returned. This can be useful to keep a count when returning items and ensuring that they have not been damaged. To get started, enable Scan Verification from Add-Ons. Use our mobile apps for barcode/QRcode scanning.


SUPERCHARGED QUICK-ADD: We revamped the Orders to make editing smooth. You can click on any field to edit it. Now we have added another powerful feature to ensures that you add only those items in an order that are available in the chosen dates. If you still add unavailable items, a warning signs telling you the exact clashes are shown (with other bookings and rent outs).


CHOOSE FROM NEAREST LOCATION: You have items spread out at different locations? Use the ‘Sort by proximity to customer’ option when adding items to an order. This will bring in items that are nearest to the customer for whom you’re drafting the order.


CUSTOMER PORTAL: Your customers can now log into EZRentOut to view their orders. Control visibility settings from Company Settings -> Items Visibility. We’re also working on an Online Rental Store which is expected to be out by end of October.


Configure your barcode scanner to put an @ before and after the barcode sequences it scans. When adding items to an order; you can simply click the Quick Add field, scan a bunch of items to added them to order.

Other Enhancements

Orders can now be deleted. This excludes rented out orders. You can mark the rented out orders ‘completed’ before deleting them.
Locations tab under items now shows an interactive map to play around and see your assets and inventory on the map. Use the correct location address as per Google maps for best mapping.
– You can also click on the rental prices calculated in an order to edit them. To control this ability, have a look at Company Settings -> Order Editing
– Listings under Orders, Items and Customers can all be customized to show data points that are most important to you. You can customize the listings from top right corner of every table.
– You can also customize the taxes to use tax names that make sense to your territory rules and business.

Coming Up

In October, we’ll be working on some more customer requests. We are exploring Xero to see if we can release an Add On for the integration. Credit Card payments, online and through credit card swipe, are also on our list. We’re excited about the online rental store. It’s shaping up nicely. API design is also being worked on.

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