Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

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New Features and Updates

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Here is what we’ve recently released:


Mobile apps are out! You can work with EZRentOut on the move; using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Take them for a ride and send in your feedback.


QuickBooks integration add-on has been introduced to seamlessly track your invoices across EZRentOut and QuickBooks. To get started, enable this add on from settings.


EZRentOut now supports advanced bookings. You can reserve an order in advance to ensure that the booked items are available on the arrival of your customer.


Adding items to an order is now much quicker with enhancements to the Quick Add feature workflow. You’ll be able to see the status of the items while adding them as well.

Coming up next month:


Do you rent commodity items in bulk? For example 100 chairs or a 1000 flashlights at a go. We’re introducing Asset Stocks (in addition to Assets and Inventory) for rental items where only total stock quantity is needed as individual tracking is considered inefficient or unnecessary.


We’re working on giving a fresh look to the orders page to enable quick editing and checkout. You’ll be able to track orders with even more agility and personalization. Custom entries are going to make pricing adjustments easier.


Need to categorize customers? It’s coming your way next month. The categorization will be configurable and support custom pricing workflows.

On our near term roadmap:


Do you have a rules based pricing need to enforce different pricing for types of customers, seasons or even asset value? Do you use discount coupons? We’re introducing a pricing rules engine. You’ll be able to define rules to give discounts or to charge more. These rules can be defined on the basis of Customer Category, Groups of items, Order duration or seasonal pricing and many more attributes of items, customers and orders.

Tell us what you think: 

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