EZRentOut November 2018 Release Notes

This November, we developed a host of features to give your rental business more flexibility. This includes adding Multi-Store Listings, customizable Order Month Durations, and more. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Multi-Store Listing

Companies can now manage all their departments, stores, and divisions from a single EZRentOut account. Our Multi-Store Listing ensures data consistency, accurate aggregate reporting, and efficient order management for all your stores from one place!

Order Month Duration

A month means different things to different rental companies. While some bill according to calendar months, others count a fixed number of days as a month. EZRentOut allows you to set an Order Month Duration, ensuring consistency across all relevant features.

Order Identification Number

An Order# is assigned to each Order for efficient tracking. Users can now choose an Order Identification Number. This allows you to tag Orders with more intuitive identifiers that reflect Order contents or other attributes; whatever simplifies things for your team!

Payment Range on the Webstore

Customers often book rentals, only to abandon them later. This means low asset utilization and lost business. You can now set a payment range on your Webstore, which forces customers to pay a fixed portion of the rental cost to lower abandonment.

For more assistance on our rental software, drop us an email at support@ezo.io.