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Orange Popsicle – Feature Release June 2016 – Equipment Rental Software

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equipment rental softwareSummer is here, folks, and so is the busiest rental season of the year! This month, we’ve brought more exciting features and product enhancements to our equipment rental software, which supports flexible rental pricing and a seamless payment gateway. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release – the ‘Orange Popsicle’.

flexible rental pricing

User Defined Tiered Pricing: Advanced rental pricing for EZRentOut has finally rolled out. You can now set up more nuanced rates for your items. For example, a $15 flat fee for a rental duration less than 6 hours, $5/hour for a rental duration between 6-24 hours, and $50/day for a rental duration greater than 24 hours. You can set up ‘brackets’ of time, with both flat and usage-based rates. These can be used in isolation, and can even be stacked on top of each other, allowing you versatility in pricing your rentals. Enable this from Settings → Add Ons → Advanced Rentals Rates. Once enabled, you can set up the pricing brackets right there. Time brackets can also be defined in each group specific to it by clicking on Pricing Brackets. Learn More


Credit Card Swipe for Moneris Users: The order experience in EZRentOut is specifically designed keeping the Point of Sale in mind. This includes quick editing of orders, real-time visibility on what’s available, barcode scanner integration and support for credit cards (both online and swipe). We have extended support for handling credit card payments to Moneris this month, in addition to the previously supported Paypal, and Stripe integrations. Customers can now make payments via POS as well as from the customer portal. Enable payments via Moneris from Settings → Add Ons → Enable Payments through Credit Card.

company emails

System Generated Emails: In EZRentOut, system generated emails are sent to the customers by For example, by default, emails regarding an equipment return date or a booking starting date are sent from the EZRentOut domain. You can now choose to send these emails from an email address that belongs to you or your company. This eliminates ‘legit emails’ going to spam and boosts traffic to your company domain. Enable this feature from Settings → Add Ons → System Generated Emails. Learn More

We’re not done yet, there’s more!

– The Order’s Detail Page has been touched up to show an item’s display picture by adding a custom column to the pricing table.
Accuracy on showing availability of Asset Stock during future bookings has been amplified. A warning icon now appears on the pricing table if the quantity isn’t available for a certain duration and is being used in another order.

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