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7 Upgrades for Rental Business Websites for the Holiday Season

7 Upgrades for Rental Business Websites for the Holiday Season
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2020 has been a challenging year for most businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all businesses and rental businesses are no exception. Whether or not you have met your sales target for the year, the holiday season is a great time to boost business. With increasing online shopping, you can optimize your rental business website for the upcoming holiday season and amplify sales.  

Here are seven useful tips on optimizing your website for a successful holiday season. 

1. Create dedicated landing pages

At the start of the winter season, you can start targeting a lot of holidays and tailor your landing pages accordingly.  It is always a good practice to create campaign-specific landing pages. Likewise,  you can harness the spirit of the holiday season and create dedicated holiday pages.

For example, as Christmas approaches, you can create Christmas-themed landing pages. For the dedicated landing page, you can pick the specific layout, make it feature-rich, and put out well-thought-out content as well as theme and colors to give it that holiday feel. 

With a dedicated landing page, you would be able to highlight your holiday deals more prominently, as all of the information and the call to action would be on a single page. 

According to eMarketer, this holiday season eCommerce sales in the US will spike to 17.2% which is 13% higher than on-ground sales. This means that having well-designed landing pages will likely improve your conversion rates.

Pro tip: Start early!

Whether it is a sports equipment rental, party, or holiday home rental, people usually make early bookings. This is why it is a good idea to get ahead of your competition by starting early for the holiday season. 

Not only that but you also get an advantage if you extend your discount offers a few days after the holidays are over.

2. Enhanced customer support

It is important to offer your customers an amazing customer experience and a great way to do that is to incorporate a chatbot. This way, during the busy holiday season, your customers will be able to direct their queries and issues and get them resolved quickly. 

According to a report by Salesforce, 69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots for the speed with which they can communicate with a business. 

Chatbots offer exceptional customer support throughout the holiday season and also beyond. They enable interactive communication by identifying problems quickly and giving automatic answers to common queries. This will also save you time which you can use to focus on other important business aspects. 

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3. Draw attention with immediate pop-ups

3. Draw attention with immediate pop-ups

An effective way to draw immediate attention to your holiday rental guides and packages is by using the announcement pop-ups. This way, whenever a potential customer lands on your website, you can show them exactly what you want them to see. 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that these pop-ups can be intrusive for some people, so make sure you put a lot of thought in the design element to make them visually compelling. To increase the urgency, you can add a “Rent Now” button on the pop-up which would immediately direct them to the dedicated landing page.

4. Reward loyalty

One of the easiest ways to create loyal customers is by having a rewards system. You can encourage them to book repeatedly from your website if you offer them discounts or incentives. 

Make those loyal customers feel special and give them a tailored experience when they rent from your business. According to research by Fundera, loyalty program members spend between 12-18% more per year than non-loyalty program members.

You can either give these customers a discount when they rent from you on several occasions or you can send them a discount voucher specifically for the holiday season. 

5. Make packaged offers

Offering several items in a limited-time holiday offer is a great strategy to boost your rental sales. The holiday season is a booming time for businesses as well as eCommerce and offering attractive packages at a discounted rate is a great bargain for your customers as well as a win-win situation for you. 

You can also create a strategy to offer free deals on packaged offers based on referrals. This would encourage your customers to refer to your business and spread the word about your offers and will help you grow your sales and revenue without costing much. Not only that, but this would be an excellent strategy for business promotion as well.

6. Endorsements

6. Endorsements

Credible reviews and testimonials from your past customers always help your business. Try to gather as many seasonal reviews and show them off on your dedicated landing pages. These testimonials show the potential customers what made their experience special, how good your customer service was, and how reliable your services/rental equipment is. 

This way, the customers can also get an idea of what to expect. According to research, 37% of consumers rely on reviews before making a purchasing or rental decision.

7. Diversify your audience

If you are planning on introducing or launching something new on your website, make sure that you do so during the holiday season. You can surprise your customers with better rental options and reach more audiences. 

Along with optimizing your website for the new and improved rental services, make sure to promote the same on all social media channels to get the maximum boost. Rental businesses get quite competitive during the holiday season because all businesses try their level best to win more customers. 

With these tips, you can help your customers get into the holiday spirit and foster joy. These efforts on your website will create a positive, lasting impression on your customers.

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