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Here’s Why You Need Rental Reservation Software

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The need for a rental reservation software

The Internet has drastically changed the way we deal with customers and do business. Rental businesses are no different. In fact, they can often be a lot more complicated because they involve reservations and bookings.

Think about the manual booking process for a moment. A customer calls you, and you check your calendar and write down the reservation date they suggest. You can double-check if you have any reservation clashes, and then confirm the rental period with the customer. In case of changes, you need to call the customer and go through the whole process again. No matter how efficient your staff is, you are still losing time and even losing potential customers.

An online rental reservation software is a much safer, faster and  convenient way of managing your reservations and bookings. The rental reservation software aims at streamlining and simplifying the booking procedure through automation and other tools. It enables you to keep things running productively, efficiently and smoothly. If your products and services can be reserved, rented or booked, then rental reservation software is a must-have solution for you.

Let’s check out how rental reservation software impacts your activities and proves to be helpful for your rental business.

One: Manage reservations and item availability

Most of your customers actually surf the internet outside your business hours. After all, why should they wait for the next day or during the active business hours? They are most likely to make a reservation then and there rather than doing a call back the next day. Online booking module in a rental reservation software means your rental business remains open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This means your customers are free to make reservations whenever it suits them without your employees or you having to be there for them. It is believed that immediate availability when shopping for services or products increase the number of bookings or purchases. With rental reservation software, check your bookings and availability using any mobile device anytime and from anywhere.

Two: Store all kinds of data on one platform

rental reservation software data management

Have all your customer data safely stored in the system.

The information provided by your customer while making a reservation includes the email address, contact details, physical address, names, etc. This is the most important information that a rental booking software can organize, protect and secure at all times. Using the stored customer data, you can market yourself to attract old customers by offering discounts and promo codes – doing follow-ups, and even send a simple personalized thank you message. This is just another way of giving your customers a quick recall and helping them prefer you over others when they plan to rent anything again. This simply adds to quality customer service without having to put in a lot of efforts.

Three: Make it easy for employees to upsell

Upselling is a great way to boost your business revenue. It is a plus to have ‘extras’ that your customers can choose from. Adding additional items for booking only adds more value to the customer experience. For ski rental companies, it can be ski poles or gloves. For a kayaking rental company, it can be a wetsuit which will seem something necessary at the time of booking. The rental reservation software enables a smooth addition of ‘extras’ so that you can offer your customers all the great options and features. By using this sales technique through this software solution, you can easily induce the customer to purchase add-ons, upgrades or more expensive items and make a more profitable sale.

Four: Get clear insights into your rental business

A rental software provides you with the option to view an item’s availability very clearly and quickly. Your staff can easily see whether a certain item is available or booked. Bookings become easier for you as well as your customers. The entire process just takes a few minutes for first-time bookings and even less for recurring bookings – as the information needed has already been entered and stored. Your customers can simply make rental reservations while on-the-go using mobile devices. The system simply updates any changes made or information in real-time and displays it on the calendar so that both you and your customer can see it.

Five: Process payments quickly and efficiently

rental reservation software payment methods

Online payment is a convenient option for businesses and their customers.

With an online rental booking software, you will be paid quicker. You can require customers to actually prepay for certain rentals and activities, helping you get the money faster. You need not worry about the payment and be stress-free on the day you need to dispatch your rental inventory. Moreover, the rental software allows customers to pay through multiple payment gateways, like PayPal, Authorize, or Stripe. Later the payment is transferred to you. The software solution is also well-equipped to handle secure online payment processing. It helps you manage all the data volume like customer information and transaction details. They are securely stored in the system usually protected by SSL security protocol and encryption, accessible solely through login and password.

Six: Lower your workload and establish priorities

By not using a robust reservation software for rentals, you will have to process all your bookings manually. There is no point in spending hours to do tasks yourself when they can be done automatically. A rental reservation system helps you to handle all aspects of the reservations. It lessens your workload by taking care of those tasks that take up a big part of your day. It is a digital way of taking many reservations at the same time with everything scheduled, calendared and synchronized along with having all the transactions secure and information precise. Remain aware of the status of your business and manage schedules conveniently from any location.

Rental Reservation Software: What All Rental Businesses Need

If the core of your business happens to revolve around reservations and bookings, then online rental software is extremely useful. It lets you harness technology to keep your booking process as simple and straightforward as possible. All this is done by minimizing the steps between customers and their purchases. Its benefits for you and your customers are many, and will eventually make your booking operations better. It will result in more customers, increased revenues, quality service, and greater efficiency.

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