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[How-to] Set Up Tags for Reports in EZRentOut

[How-to] Set Up Tags for Reports in EZRentOut
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You can create tags in reports in EZRentOut which will allow you, your admins, and staff users to create private and public tags.

Tags enable easy and quick access to any set of reports you choose. By simply clicking the tag, you can instantly access reports that are meaningful to you.

Tagging allows you to group reports by similarity, interest, context, timelines, etc. It allows for personal and public categorization of reports.

Tags are most helpful for custom reports as these offer clarity and quick retrieval.

Benefits of tagging reports

Tags in reports help you sort out Item Reports in a manner that is most effective for you.

Here are a few benefits you can get from report tags:

1. Access meaningful information quickly

Tagging reports enables you to quickly access all the reports that are most meaningful to your rental business. You can create tags by projects, clients, orders, time frame, etc. Save time and effort, and instantly retrieve relevant information to make informed decisions.

2. Enhance team communication and collaboration

Tagging reports fosters collaboration while building trust among your admin and staff. It facilitates transparent communication and coordination across all roles. Be productive and always have the relevant data at your fingertips for a quick recall during meetings.

3. Manage and track custom reports

Tagging reports offer a systematic layer to your custom reports, allowing you to track personalized and public data insights with ease. If you work mostly in custom reports, you will be manage, track, and utilize information quickly while always having it categorized in order.

Create and manage tags for reports

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