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Offer Customers Flexible Pricing Using Discount Rules and Coupons in EZRentOut

Setting flexible pricing strategies is crucial for business success. Offering coupons and discounts on a case-to-case basis creates loyal customers and encourages them to rent from you regularly. 

Here are a few examples of the kind of discounts that you may want to offer: 

  • Bulk order discounts
  • Long term rental discounts
  • Loyalty discounts 
  • Case-based discounts 

EZRentOut offers powerful new functionality that will significantly enhance your ability to set discount rules and apply coupons within the system. Reducing the need for manual updates, you can now pre-define and automate discount rules for easier faster operations. Whether you want to reward loyal customers or offer seasonal promotions, use the highly flexible options within EZRentOut to create discounts that work best for your business. 

Let’s take a look in more detail:

Getting started with Rules and Coupons

To create new discounts go to More on the side navigation bar and select Rules and Coupons.

Creating a new coupon

To create a new coupon, click the highlighted button. 

rules and coupons

The following overlay will appear where you can add a coupon name or number, set the discount rates, and define other conditions such as start and end date. 

rules and coupons

Note: Selecting ‘No expiry’ option means coupons will be applicable to all Orders rented out after the start date. 

Once you have created a coupon, you can then add it to discount Rules. 

Creating a new Rule

You can create a new rule by clicking on the button highlighted below

This opens a new page where you can enter a Rule name, description, and apply coupon.

The ‘Coupon’ option allows you to apply coupons automatically or customers can apply it when renting out an Order on the Webstore. You can also choose coupons from the drop-down menu as shown below: 

The ‘Apply coupon to’ options lets you choose and apply coupons to Orders or Order line items.

Available filters for creating Rules

Once you have selected all options for creating a rule, you can now add filters to further define the Rule. If you apply coupon for the Orders module, the available filters are as below: 

rules and coupons

If you apply coupon options for the Order line items module, the available filters are as below:

You can also distinguish and set rules for normal Orders, WebOrders, or Past Orders.

You can also set discounts for Order customers on both an individual and business level. 

Once you have selected the module, you can further choose different module field types as below.

rules and coupons

  1. Apply AND/OR Criteria

You can apply multiple filters under a single rule. For example:

i. Rule applied to gross amount of Orders equals $100 

ii. Rule applied to gross amount of Order equals $250


iii. Rule applied to Customer category good

After you’ve selected all filters, the applied criteria will be shown as a final condition-based rule that will be applied. You can stack multiple conditions via “AND” or “OR” logic between them in a single rule as shown below:

rules and coupons

In the image above, the Rule will apply based on the defined criteria across Order-Gross Amount and Order Customer. 

The AND criteria is applied when choosing two different modules for a rule. In the example above, Orders and Order customers follow AND criteria. The AND criteria coupon will be applied if all the conditions in the set criteria are met. 

The OR criteria is applied between the same module and the same module field chosen. In the example above, Order- Gross amount equaling $ 100 or $ 250 follow OR criteria. The OR criteria coupon will be applied if any one of the conditions is met. 

Note: The cross icon on the applied criteria can be used to remove selected rules. The user can also switch between ADD/OR criteria by clicking on the criteria box. 

      2. Apply seasonal pricing

You can also define rules based on the day of the week. Day sensitive pricing saves you from the hassle of manually adjusting discount rates each day. You can adjust the number of days the discount can be availed by either setting a time period and within it, checking boxes for the days of your choice. 

You can choose to apply discounts to repeat daily or yearly.

If the filter is applied to repeat daily, it will ask to add specific business hours to apply daily discounts. The default day options are set to everyday, you can choose particular days from the Weekday dropdown menu. In the example below the discount will apply between 2:00 and 3:00 every Monday  

rules and coupons

If the filter is applied to repeat yearly, it will ask you to set dates and weekdays to apply discounts. 

Action items on Rules and Coupons page

You can edit or delete a rule and coupon from the action items available on the left corner of the main page. 

rules and coupons

Note: Rules and coupons applied to Orders cannot be deleted until the Order process is complete.

Rules applied automatically to Orders

The rules are applied to Orders by default, conditional that it meets the applied rule criteria. For example, If a customer category is loyal then the 20% rule will apply to all their Orders. 

rules and coupons

Click on view details to see the rule applied

Apply coupons for Webstore

Create coupons for customers to use while renting out an Order on the Webstore. You can set the number of times or an expiry date for customers to avail these coupons.

Customers can easily apply a coupon by its name on the Webstore

rules and coupons

Note: If the customer does not meet the applied criteria of a coupon then the applied coupon will stand invalid for Webstore Orders.

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