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EZRentOut Blogs Shipping And Pickup Locations In Online Rental Software

Adding Multiple Shipping and Pickup Locations in EZRentOut

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Convenience for customers is the utmost priority for any rental business, and we know what crucial part locations play in this case. Shipping Locations are currently linked to the contact person (individual customer) instead of businesses in EZRentOut. Associating multiple locations to customers within an online rental software is no more a hassle for our users.

You can enable ‘Pickup and Shipping Location’ from Settings → Company Settings → Sending out and Returning items of an Order

This feature enables you to record locations of customers. These include the Shipping Location, which records where you need to ship an Order to. You can also set up Pickup Locations – for example, to your storefront in a mall or franchise in another state where a courier service or even customers can pick up the rental items from. Email addresses and phone numbers can also be added to the shipping locations.

1. Adding a shipping location

Record the shipping location to the order details page. You can add multiple shipping addresses to one individual customer (see image below). Click the add sign under heading ‘Order & Shipping Locations’ shown at the middle of the order details page. An overlay will appear.

Note: Shipping addresses can also be added from within the Customers  Page or on the webstore by the customer while placing an Order.

You can also edit/delete a shipping location associated to a customer from the Customer details page.

2. Selecting a shipping location for an Order

While drafting an Order for a customer, you can choose a shipping location associated to that customer within the Order Details Page (see image below). Click on the editable shipping location address and a dialog will appear where you can select one of the added shipping locations.

Choose the address to be used for shipping.

3. Selecting a Pickup location for an order

Businesses can also record a pickup location to an Order in the Order Details Page. Click on the ‘Pick up location’ field and select an address (see image below).

Note: Pickup locations are the locations/addresses you have stored/added under Items → Locations tab.

4. Where can a customer view and use these locations?

Shipping locations can be viewed by the customers on the customer portal within the Order Details Page. Customers can select a shipping location or add a new one on the cart page while placing an Order on the webstore (see image below)

Pick up locations can be viewed by the customers on the customer portal only. Once a Weborder takes place, you can add a pickup location to it, if required!

5. Providing multiple locations for receiving and returning Orders

Streamline renting for your Customers by offering them multiple options to receive and return items. Allow them to choose either in-store pick-ups (from any of your specified store locations) or delivery to shipping address to receive items. Similarly, they can also choose to drop items in-store (at any of your specified store locations) or have the company pick up items from the shipping address.

You can enable the settings for both Orders in EZRentOut and Web Orders. Learn more here.

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