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[How-to] Enable Credit Card Payments via Stripe Terminal in EZRentOut

[How-to] Enable Credit Card Payments via Stripe Terminal in EZRentOut
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Terminals for Stripe and EZRentOut enable point-of-sale (POS) transactions when your customers rent out or return the items. By integrating EZRentOut with a Stripe payment gateway, you can now charge credit card payments at the POS terminals easily. As we have provided the terminal support by BBPOS WisePOS E, you have to enable the Stripe terminal, connect it with EZRentOut, and make the transactions.

Let’s discuss how you can set up and implement this feature. 

How to enable Stripe Terminal

Enable this feature from Settings → Add Ons → Enable Stripe Terminal. 

For successful integration, you must enable the Stripe add-on beforehand to enable the Stripe terminal. 

How to enable Stripe Terminal

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Once you have clicked on Enable, you can then add the reader details. The Reader would be the machine through which you are looking to make the transactions.

Before you can connect your EZRentOut account to BBPOS WisePOS E, you must register the reader to your account. In order to enter reader details here, you must have a Stripe reader account. The account on Stripe is registered by creating a location and adding a reader. When you’re registered on Stripe, you’ll be given a registration code, which you’ll input in EZRentOut Reader’s detail section to add as a Stripe reader. Recent updates by Stripe now make it mandatory for you to add location details while adding a reader.

Adding location details to a reader

You can add your location by logging in to your Stripe account and selecting the Terminal settings option. 

Adding location details to a reader

Opening the Terminal settings will enable you to add new locations while viewing ones that currently exist. 

Adding location details to a reader - Locations

When you’re registered on Stripe, you’ll be given a registration code, which you’ll input in EZRentOut Reader’s detail section to add as a Stripe reader. 

Add a name, registration code, and location to add a Stripe reader in EZRentOut. 

The location will be fetched automatically for your EZR integration. You will have the option to select between locations you have already added to your Stripe account. 

Note: You will be shown the following error on EZR if you do not have a location added to your Stripe account.

Add Reader

Disclaimer for existing users: Since Stripe’s API does not support the updating of existing readers, all existing users will need to re-add their readers before the 31st of January 2022. You can re-add your reader after updating your location on your Stripe account. 

On your reader, add the key sequence, 0-7-1-3-9 to display a new registration code.

registration code.

Enter the code when prompted. and click on ‘Add’. Click on ‘Update’ to enable the feature. Once added, you will be able to process payments through the connected reader.

Enable Stripe Terminal

Making payments through Credit Card

Once you have enabled the feature, go to the Orders page, open the relevant order’s detail page, and click on ‘Charge Payment’. The following dialog box will appear: 

Making payments through Credit Card

Select the payment method to be Credit Card and choose the payment gateway to be Stripe Terminal. Now select the reader that you just added while enabling the feature. In our case, we added Counter 6.0 so we will proceed with that. 

Once you have chosen the right reader, the following message will show up:

Reader connected

Internet connection requirements

For successful transactions, you have to keep in mind that the reader needs to be on the same network as EZRentOut. If it is not connected to the same network as the application, then the following message will pop up during submission: 

Internet Connection Requirements

Once you have successfully connected with the reader, click ‘Submit’. When you click on Submit, a notification will appear on the
BBPOS WisePOS E device showing the message ‘Tap, insert or swipe card’. You can use either of these options and the payment will be made by the stripe terminal. 

You can make the payment void or refund it through the order detail page. 

Note: You can use the Stripe terminal feature through your Orders detail page only. 

Stripe terminal feature through your Orders detail page only. 


You can debug any internet connectivity issues or network issues by using the following codes:

Key Sequence

Debug Screen



Device Status

Shows the device’s IP address, account ID, location, gateway, network mask and connectivity status 



Starts a network test by attempting to connect to the required endpoints 

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