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EZRentOut Blogs Track Delivery Status Of Orders With Ezrentout

Track Delivery Status of Orders with EZRentOut

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Keep complete track of your rentals and enable seamless deliveries to your customers with EZRentOut’s new feature. Use this feature to track the delivery status of an order, mark it as scheduled, delivered, or canceled and get confirmation from the customer when they receive the order.

Getting started with delivery status 

Go to Company Settings  → Sending and Returning items of an Order, and check the Shipping Address option to automatically enable this feature. You can mark an order for delivery in drafted, booked, and rented out states.

Delivery status on the Order Details page

Now navigate to the Order details page of the order you would like to deliver. Scroll down, and click the For Delivery check box. This will automatically populate the shipping address of the customer.

If you have enabled Delivery Time from Add Ons, you can also select the date and time to schedule the delivery. 

Once you are done, click Schedule, and the status of the order changes to Scheduled for Delivery.

On the Order listings page, this order will now display a truck icon next to it.  Hover over the icon to see the delivery date. 

Printing out the Delivery Slip

Once the order is scheduled for delivery, go to the Order details page  → More  → Mark Order as Delivered. This will open up the following overlay. 

The Delivery Person can either be the order assignee, an admin, or a staff member. You can also add a delivery note with any special instructions or details. In the example above we have added a tracking ID as the Delivery Note.  You can also add the Delivery Cost as shown in the example provided above. 

Note: The delivery cost is not the charges which you bill to the customer but the internal cost that you have to bear to deliver the item. 

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Once you are done you can either click Mark As Delivered or Mark as Delivered & Print Slip. In both cases, the status of the Order will change to delivered. To print a delivery slip go to More  → Print Order. This will open up the following overlay. 

Select Delivery Slip and a relevant Template ( more on this later) and print a delivery slip.

Note: if you deliver an Order and do not mark it as delivered, upon return, the system will automatically prompt you with the following error message.  

Alerts for delivery status

If you would like the customer to confirm that they have received the delivery go to Customer Alerts  → Order Marked as Delivered. Setting up this alert will ensure that the customer receives an email when you mark the order as delivered.  

With this email, you can attach the delivery slip which can include a signature pad. The customer can sign the signature pad and once they save, you will get an alert that the customer has received the order and signed for it. 

Filter for delivery status 

You can also filter your orders based on their Delivery Status. From the filter dropdown menu, select Delivery Status and choose between Delivered, Scheduled, and Cancelled. 

Here we show all the orders filtered by the delivery status: Delivered.

Note: the truck icon only appears next to the orders that have yet to delivered. If an order has already been delivered, the truck icon will not display next to it. 

Delivery status in Custom Reports

In Custom Reports, fields for delivery status have also been added as columns. To run the report, go to More → Custom Reports → Orders.

Printout Templates for delivery status 

To create delivery slips you can either use our standard template or create a custom version. Go to Printout Templates — Order — Delivery Slip Templates. 

View delivery status on the dashboard

You can also view Orders to be Delivered as a KPI on the main dashboard. Click on the information to go to the Order Details page to get complete information on these orders. 

About EZRentOut 

We are a cloud based rental solution that offers businesses seamless rental management. It also comes with a host of other features like asset tracking, maintenance management, a customized webstore, and much more.

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