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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Feature Release November 2014 – Turkey Bytes


Hope you had a great time with family and friends on Thanksgiving. Before going on a break we were working on some popular requests and workflow enhancements for EZRentOut, which we’ve just pushed live. The main features in Turkey Bytes are:


XERO Integration: We now support XERO integration, in addition to the already popular add-on for QuickBooks integration. To get started, add your QuickBooks or Xero account from Settings -> AddOns. This will ensure all rental transactions are also tracked in Xero/QuickBooks for advanced accounting and bookkeeping. We now also support logging into EZRentOut using your Intuit ID.


Credit Card Payments: Making it convenient for your customers to pay invoices online ensures quick turnaround and healthy cash flows. Now your customers can pay online for orders by logging into their EZRentOut account. Make sure the add-on is enabled from Settings. You’ll need to sign up for Stripe as a payment gateway, with Paypal to follow soon. Configure to allow customers to login from Members -> Edit a                                          Member -> check “enable member to log in”.


Adding Items in Bulk to Orders: Are there times when you’re renting out similar assets but in bulk? You can now add assets to orders in bulk, right from the Order details. As an example; you can add 5 assets named “Prius Car” or 12 assets from group “Cameras” in a single step.


Copying & Cloning Orders: Do you rent out the same items to customers repeatedly? You can now make use of the Order Clone functionality to make a copy of an existing order. The cloned order is in “Draft” state so you can make as many changes as you like before finalizing it for booking or rent out.


Location History
: Do your items frequently move around different locations? We now record the full trail of how location changed for assets over time. See when the location changed, what were the previous locations and who made these changes. To get started, enable the “Location History” Add On.

In DECEMBER, we’re releasing JINGLE BELLS
Online rental store is in it’s final testing stage and is expected to be out by the mid of this month. By late December, we’re aiming to release Jingle Bells which includes:
– Invoice Customization to design invoices the way you’d like
Gantt Chart/Availability Calendar for better planning and foresight
– Enhancements to track outstanding payments
New reports and analytics for better insights into orders
– Free rows in orders for sub-renting items with ease and flexibility
– Customization of item listing in orders. You’ll be able to add columns of item details and also Order Line Item Comments

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