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Case Study

Superior Construction Services Saves ~$200k Yearly in Resources While Managing 300+ Projects with EZRentOut

The Texas-based construction equipment rental company Superior Construction Services added EZRentOut to its rental operations back in the fall of 2019. We sat down with their administrator Cody to find out how EZRentOut is helping the business streamline its rental workflows.

Cody states that EZRentOut has been a key driver in taking the construction equipment rental business forward. Superior Construction Services has been actively using the rental equipment software to manage its numerous projects across the States.

The simple visual UI and UX of EZRentOut have made it possible for her to quickly shift from decades-long experience in pharmacy to her current job in the construction sector. She likes the interface and concludes that it plays a significant role in making EZRentOut a great equipment rental software to use.

Managing 300+ construction projects in 9+ US States

Cody states that EZRentOut is intuitive enough to be handled by just one person, it has saved Superior Construction Services approximately $200k+ a year by not hiring two to three additional resources.

“It is super easy to use, and super easy to learn”

In the construction equipment rental software, the company has managed and tracked numerous high-value assets like forklifts, backhoes, skid steers, mini excavators, etc.

Since it majorly rents out internally, these assets are delivered and tracked to their job sites.

Through EZRentOut, the company has managed and tracked assets in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Iowa, Florida, and Louisiana.

Once the rental duration is finished, all assets are returned to the headquarters warehouse in Italy, Texas.

Keeping tabs on such high-value assets has been a breeze in EZRentOut, says Cody.

Using custom reports for visibility of core information

Superior Construction Services extensively uses custom fields and custom reports to tailor meaningful insights for their business needs.

Cody tells us that she runs the report to get a quick check on the inventory with balance and get an estimate of how much they have.

She runs the reports to fill up stock. Additionally, she runs reports by job locations to get information on how many orders they have, what inventory has been rented out, and how much has been paid for.

The ballpark figure from each of the job locations helps her plan orders and rentals for the coming weeks.

She tells us that the EZRentOut dashboard becomes her task management board when she logs in every day.

“Just a glance on the [EZRentOut] dashboard gives me an idea of my to-do list”

Creating custom fields and printouts to streamline equipment delivery

Cody tells us that the categorization of rental inventory into assets, asset stock, and inventory made it significantly easier to set up rental operations. She extensively uses custom fields to create manifestation numbers and bills of lading. 

Through EZRentOut, she creates custom printouts and bills of lading for truck drivers for easy transportation of construction equipment. The ability to customize the printouts to Superior’s use cases is quite helpful for Cody. 

Cody informs us that purchase orders have helped the business a lot. She creates them, confirms them, receives them, and how it automatically dumps the inventory therein is quite useful for her. 

The future with EZRentOut 

Superior Construction Services has been happy with its experience of using EZRentOut rental software since 2019.

Cody told us that she rates the customer service a 10/10 since there have never been any issues in communication. The Customer Success Team has always responded and fixed the situation promptly.

She tells us the construction equipment rental business wants to explore the servicing and maintenance module in the future. Currently, when heavy equipment comes back, it is washed, cleaned, gets an oil change, greased up, and made ready for the next job. It is all done outside the app. She wants to use EZRentOut to document this as well.

“EZRentOut; the name does what it says!”

The future for Superior Construction Services and EZRentOut looks bright. Cody and the team enjoy using it as it is working perfectly for them.

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  • Construction Equipment


  • Italy, Texas, United States


Using Since

  • Sep 2019

Key Challenges

  • Managing rental inventory on spreadsheets that were cluttered

  • Inability to view and access vital information centrally

Biggest Wins

  • Making informed decisions by customizing reports to business needs

  • Managing EZRentOut single-handedly saves ~$200k+/year by not hiring extra resources

  • Handling 300+ construction projects via EZRentOut since Sep 2019

Favorite Features

  • Flexibility in creating and using custom fields for printouts

  • Accountability of construction equipment in use

  • Ease in using the no-nonsense UI of EZRentOut

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