Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS Dedicated Label Printers

How can I print on dedicated label printers (Brother, Dymo, etc.)?

There are two ways to go about it.
a) You can design the labels in the printers’ utility using the EZRentOut data
b) Or you can print directly from EZRentOut.

Printing via Utility
1) Make sure that the printer utility can take CSV/Excel as an input for the data points to print.
2) Export the data points to print from EZRentOut. The option is available under More → Printout Templates → Export (Items/Bundles) Print Label Data for Commercial Printing.
3) Use the exported the Excel file to print through the utility.

Printing directly from EZRentOut
1) Figure out the label ribbon width, and label size.
2) Add a print label template from More → Printout Templates →  Add Print Label Template.
3) Clear the canvas from the end of the page.
4) Label size should be equal to the label size from Step 1.
5) In Page Size, choose Custom Size.
6) The custom size should ALSO be equal to the label size from Step 1.
7) Design the label and save the template.
8) Print labels on this template.
PDFs (EZRentOut generates PDFs with labels on them) will have pages equal to the label size of your ribbon. Essentially, every page in the PDF document will be a label.