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EZRentOut FAQS Web Order Booked Web Order And Booked Payment Pending States In Ezrentout

Web Order, Booked (Web Order), and Booked Advance Due States in EZRentOut

Web Order and Booked Web Order State:

An Order goes through different states in EZRentOut. When a Customer places an Order through the Webstore, its termed as a Web Order in EZRentOut. This happens when auto-booking is disabled.

Web Order

With auto-booking enabled, an Order placed by a Customer automatically goes to the ‘Booked (Web Order)’ state in EZRentOut.

Booked (Web Order)

This Setting can be enabled in Store Settings → Under ‘Order Settings’ → Select ‘Enable auto-booking of orders on Webstore’. When enabled, it also enforces conflict-free booking of orders on the Webstore.

Order Settings

Businesses can also cancel Booked (Web Orders) from the Order details page. On the top right of the page, click the More button and Select ‘Cancel Booking’ from the dropdown as shown below. 

Booked (Web Order) and Booked Advance Due State (with auto-booking enabled):

If you’ve set a minimum payment amount or percentage (say, 10%) on the Webstore in Store Settings → Under ‘Order Settings’ → ‘Enable Payments through Webstore – charge…’, with ‘auto-booking enabled as well, you’ll encounter 2 booked states when a customer places an order on the Webstore. That is, Booked (Web Order) and Booked Advance Due.

So with all settings in place, when a customer places an Order but doesn’t pay for that Order, it will be sent to a Booked Advance Due state in EZRentOut.

The Booked Advance Due state is similar to the Payment Pending state for Orders that aren’t placed through the Webstore (provided that Payment Terms are enabled). To learn more about the Payment Pending state, refer to these Payment Terms.

Booked Advance Due

However, if the Customer has paid for that Order (partial or full), the Order state will eventually change to ‘Booked (Web Order)’ in EZRentOut.

Booked web order 2

You can then take further actions for this order e.g. Rent Out.