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Asset Intelligence and Management

How can I delete a Purchase Order in EZRentOut?

You can delete a Purchase Order considering it is in a drafted or void state. To do this, go to More → Purchase Orders → Click a Purchase Order (Drafted/Void). From the Purchase Order details page, hit the ‘delete’ button.

delete purchase order

If it’s a drafted PO, you can clone, delete, and void the PO at this stage, as well as add items or edit any details you’d like.

For scenarios where you want to delete a completed PO, you’ll first have to mark it void. As mentioned above, a PO can only be voided when it is in the Drafted or Completed state.

Please note that deleting or voiding a PO will remove all references to the PO from the system, including reports. Items that were created through a PO must be first deleted or retired before the PO can be made void, and then deleted.

You cannot delete multiple Purchase Orders in a single go.

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