Asset Intelligence and Management
Asset Intelligence and Management

How can I export images, image thumbnails and documents out of EZRentOut?

  1. Go to Items  Documents  Export  CSV. This action will prompt a CSV download of all your documents.
    export button
  2. Now, if you’d like to see the images as thumbnails in the downloaded report, upload this file to a Google spreadsheet. Do this by going to File  Import  Upload from your Google spreadsheet and uploading the downloaded document.
  3. Add a blank column next to the column containing your display picture URLs. Name it ‘Image Thumbnails’.
  4. For the line items that correspond to images, either enter =IMAGE(cell_number) in the formula bar like “=IMAGE(C2)” or select the cell and click on Insert  Function  Google  Image, and input the cell number.
    google image function
  5. You’ll now be able to see the thumbnail in the cell.
  6. To apply this formula to all line items, simply add this formula against the first line item.
  7. Then, hover over this cell, hold down your cursor, drag and select all subsequent cells in the column, and release the cursor. This will apply the same formula to all cells in the column.
    report for EZR with picturesHere’s what your report will now look like. You can download the spreadsheet, print it or use it however you like!