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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS How Do I Repeat Ordersinvoices For Recurring Payments

How do I repeat orders/invoices for recurring payments

Cloning an Order: You can clone any order, any time. Say if a construction company often takes out a set of field equipment. And they always insist on the same items. In such a case you can clone any earlier order that you had created for them.

Recurring Orders: If you have long contracts (e.g. an RV leased out for 6 weeks with weekly payments), use the Recurring Orders add on (Settings -> Add Ons -> Recurring Orders). You can choose to repeat an order by Adding a Recurrence to it from the Order Detail Page. When the order is rented out or booked, a recurrence is added on this page.

A recurrence can be stopped from recurrence details or from the order details. Once you stop the recurrence, a new order doesn’t shoot automatically.
The last order in recurrence has to be manually Marked Completed. Completing it, also completes the recurrence.