Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS I Have A Few Orders In The Past That I Just Want To Record In Ezrentout

I have a few orders in the past that I just want to record in EZRentOut

If the Return Date is in the past for an order, you can just add it as a normal order. When you Rent Out this order, EZRentOut looks at the Return Date and informs you that this is going to be a Past Order. This order doesn’t go through the rent out and return stages, and can only be Marked Completed.

This comes in handy when you’ve missed the renting out or return of an order, but you still want to record it.

NOTE: Past Orders do not record the checkouts for Assets/Asset Stock or deduct the Inventory’s stock quantity. This means that a Past Order that is marked as Complete:
a. Will appear in the ‘All Orders’ report and count towards the revenue and rent collected
b. Will NOT appear in the Assets ‘Check-in/out Events’ report or the checkout history/rental meter of the asset
c. Will NOT appear in the Inventory or Asset Stock ‘Line Items’ report, and will not have any impact on the stock quantities