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EZRentOut FAQS Im Getting The Error Servers Dns Address Could Not Be Found

I’m getting the error “Server’s DNS address could not be found”


Computers only understand addresses in numbers, such as, etc. On the other hand, humans prefer words over having to remember numbers (such as over

Mapping these words to the addresses (IP address) of computers is done using a DNS (Domain Name Server). DNS uses a distributed architecture, which means that the DNS server that we use is likely different from the one you use, and is different for nearly everyone with a different ISP (Internet Service Provider). ISPs generally have their own DNS.

If your ISP’s DNS does not have an entry for a domain, and you type it into your browser, it goes out and asks other trusted Domain Name Servers on the internet and then saves the value locally. Sometimes, this step fails and your ISP’s DNS just breaks when getting the IP address. This is when you are shown this error message.


1. Screaming at your ISP to fix the issue  🙂
2. Use a VPN – on Chrome, there is a great plugin called Zenmate (and it’s free!). Get it here.
3. RECOMMENDED: Set up an independent DNS on your system. A number of ISPs do not have the best Domain Name Servers and Google (as well as a few others) are trying to fix it by helping people bypass them. You can use either Google’s service OR the one from OpenDNS.