Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS Tracking Meter Hours

How can I track meter hours/rental duration for equipment that is being rented out?

Track the rental duration for items in EZRentOut, from the time they are rented out till the time of return.

The Rental Meter Add On starts a timer once a piece of equipment is rented out and enables you to set a threshold for alerts. If you want to rent out an item only for 7 days, it starts the time period the moment the item is rented out.

To begin using the Add On, enable it from Settings → Add Ons → Rental Meter → Enabled.


Next, specify a Rental Meter Threshold for an item by editing its Item Details page.


This threshold will now set a limit on the rental duration for the specified item. Once 7 days are up, you’ll receive an email alert notifying you that the item is due for return.