Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS Import Document Copies In Bulk Without Onedrive Or Dropbox

How do I import document copies for multiple Items without OneDrive or Dropbox?

Often times, most organizations do not allow for third party cloud integrations with applications like OneDrive or Dropbox due to certain security protocols. This may make uploading documents in bulk a tedious task. You can’t go around uploading the same document for each item again and again, can you?

EZRentOut saves you the extra time. It enables you to upload copies of the same document for multiple items in one go with the Excel import feature.

Let’s say you run a hospital and own a set of 10 MRI machines. You need to upload the same user manual for each of these MRI machines in bulk to your EZRentOut account.

So, how do you go about it?

Step 1: Upload the Document

First, upload the user manual document by going to More → Documents → Upload Documents.

upload documents

Choose the relevant document file from your computer and hit ‘Upload Documents’.

Step 2: Copy the Document title

Once you’ve uploaded the document, it’ll show up in the Documents Library like so:

copy document title

Copy the document title highlighted above, and head to Step 3.

Step 3: Export the Excel file on Assets

It’s now time to export data on relevant assets. To do this, go to Reports → Asset Reports → All Active Assets. Filter the Asset report by MRI machines and export the report as a CSV file.

Now, delete all the other columns from this Asset file except for the columns on AIN, Asset Name, and Documents.

Step 4: Populate the Asset file with Document data

Copy the document title from Step 2 and paste it under the ‘Documents’ column. You can add document information as either of the following:

Populate asset file

Step 5: Upload the Updated Asset file

Now, upload this Asset file in your EZRentOut account. Go to Items → Assets → Import from Excel Sheet → Update Existing Assets. Remember, to map the column containing document URLs to ‘Document Attachments’ upon import.

This shall upload copies of the user manual document in bulk to each of the Assets identified i.e. MRI machines in the Excel file.