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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS Not Able To Refund A Payment Made Through Authorize Net

I am not able to refund a payment made through

If you are unable to refund a payment and are getting an error, it may have occurred due to the following reasons. Your transaction is unsettled, an invalid type, wrong currency type, has an invalid transaction ID, or settled more than 120 days ago. error

Here is a breakdown of the reasons:

  • settles transactions once every 24 hours. If you attempt a refund less than 24 hours after receiving the payment, you will receive this error message. Please allow adequate time for the transaction to settle and initiate the refund again.
  • It has been more than 120 days since the payment settled.
  • Are you using the same currency for the entire transaction? For example, if you received the payment in dollars, and are refunding in euros, the transaction will not go through.
  • Make all transactions from the same account. If you receive the payment and issue the refund from two different accounts, it will create an invalid reference transaction ID.