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EZRentOut FAQS Payable Amount Changing In Order

Why am I seeing a negative Payable Amount in my EZRentOut Order?

The following only applies if you’ve synced your EZRentOut Account with QuickBooks.

If you’ve already charged payment on an EZRentOut Order but the Payable Amount suddenly became negative, it may be because an Order Line Item (Item or Tax) has been deleted or set to $0.00. This action decreases the Net Amount, making it lower than the Paid Amount so that the difference becomes negative.

This is how the Payable Amount is calculated in EZRentOut:

Net Amount – Paid Amount = Payable Amount

Here is an example that demonstrates how you can fix this.

In EZRentOut

Negative payable

The negative Payable Amount is -$54.25 since the Paid Amount was $829.25 when the Net Amount was only $775.00.

Net Amount – Paid Amount = Payable Amount
$775.00 – $829.25 = -$54.25

In this particular case, the Sales Tax became $0.00, decreasing the Net Amount from $829.25 to $775.00. Let’s see what happens when the corresponding Order is updated in QuickBooks.

In QuickBooks

QuickBooks adjusts the negative Payable Amount by converting it to the Amount to Credit in an Order.

Amount to Credit = Paid Amount in EZRentOut – Payable Amount in EZRentOut

Once the Order is updated in QuickBooks, the Amount to Credit syncs back to EZRentOut. This value shows up as the QuickBooks Unapplied Payment in your EZRentOut Order.

An About icon will appear next to the Paid Amount field to show the Original Net Amount. Hover over it to display the following message:

Original amount of $829.25 was updated via QuickBooks at 08/04/2019 05:20 to $775.00.

To reset the Original Amount, EZRentOut enables you to reapply the QuickBooks Unapplied payment. Hit the ‘Reapply’ button to add the Amount to Credit to your Order; this will result in a $0.00 Payable Amount.

Paid amount $0