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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS Zero Sales Tax

Sales Tax isn’t showing up in my EZRentOut Order

The following only applies if you’ve synced your EZRentOut Account with QuickBooks.

The Sales Tax in your EZRentOut Orders is automatically synced from QuickBooks. If the Sales Tax becomes $0.00 in a QuickBooks Order, it shows up as $0.00 in the corresponding EZRentOut Order as well.

If you’ve already charged payment on this Order, the Net Amount will become less than the Paid Amount, resulting in a negative Payable Amount.

Net Amount – Paid Amount = Payable Amount

But this is a momentary glitch at QuickBooks’ end that reverses in a couple of minutes. Once it does, the Sales Tax will show up in your EZRentOut Order again, making the Payable Amount $0.00. If the negative Payable Amount doesn’t get fixed on its own, learn how to manually correct this.

Note: This will not work if you’ve recorded more than one payment on an EZRentOut Order.