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EZRentOut FAQS Whats The Process For Commercial Printing

What’s the process for commercial printing?

You can use EZRentOut to print professional labels. However, if you’d like to go for commercial printing, you may need to handover the Print Label Data to your printing service. Here’s a quick step-by-step process to go about it.

  1. Find a reliable printing vendor who can deliver/ship samples and labels to you.
  2. Export your print label data in CSV from Settings –> Print Label –-> Export Print Label Data For Commercial Printing OR from More –> Printout Templates.
  3. If you have a logo on your labels, hand over this image separately.
  4. The print label data is only for existing items in your account. However, you can pre-provision the future items, if you like.
  5. Ask your vendors for free samples before confirming the order. These samples should be from the actual data that you provided them.
  6. Scan the sample QR Codes/Barcodes using EZRentOut mobile app on your iPhone/iPad/Android Device to verify that they can be easily scanned
  7. Do inspect the samples for durability.
  8. Once everything looks good, place your order.

Additionally, you can see how to export data to an excel sheet.

Note: Make sure your barcode scanner supports Code 39 barcodes. This helps when you’re using an HID-compliant barcode scanner to scan Print Labels generated via the EZRentOut Label Designer.

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