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[How to] Convert Individual Customers to Business Contacts in EZRentOut

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Efficient customer management is a critical element of EZRentOut as it equips rental business owners with the features and requirements to seamlessly manage their individual and business customers. As businesses and customers grow, their roles and associations change, requiring rental business owners to shift gears and provide a higher level of support to maintain long-term relationships.

With EZRentOut’s new migration feature, individual customers who are engaged with businesses can be easily migrated into the B2B Customer Management module. All previous orders, payment details, and addresses are conveniently mapped over to the newly created Business Contact with one click. 

Here’s how to get started: 

Convert Individual Customers to Business Contacts

From the side navigation bar, go to Customers and select an Individual Customer you want to convert. On the Customer Details page, click Edit.  


This will open up the page shown below. In the Core Information section, click the ‘Convert to Business Contact’ option.

Clicking the text will open an overlay as below: 


After you’ve agreed and clicked the ‘Yes, Convert to Business Contact’ button, you will be directed to the Business Contact’s edit page. All details are automatically filled in except the Business name to be associated with this contact.

Here you can search for an existing Business and associate it with the Contact. 


Note: You can only associate one Business with a Contact at the time of converting. Once converted, you can associate multiple Businesses with a single Business Contact. 

After adding a Business name, click Update and your contact will be converted to a Business Contact. To view this Business Contact, go to Customers -> Persons 

Similarly, the Business Details page of George Constructions will show Neil Admon as one of the Associated contacts 


The address of the Contact will now be part of the Business’ addresses. George Constructions Address Book will include Neil Admon’s address as shown below: 

The payment details of contact will now be associated with the Business. 


Order History 

All complete past orders of individual Contacts will be part of Business orders. 


Note: All active Orders(Drafted, Booked, Rented out, and Returned) of the individual customer must be completed before converting to Business Contact 

Syncing Orders to accounting softwares

There are two settings to sync orders to QB/Xero: 

  1. If the user has enabled syncing Orders against the contact name, then converting to Business contact will not affect syncing of Orders. The Orders will be synced against the same contact name in the accounting softwares. 
  2. If the user has enabled the setting to sync Business Orders against Business names and the previous orders of an Individual customer were synced with his own name, then previous Orders will be transferred to Businesses with his own name. Please note in order to change the above setting, the user must manually sync Orders against the Business name.

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