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EZRentOut Blogs Lemon Tart August 2015 Feature Release

Lemon Tart – August 2015 Feature Release

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Here we are with another flavorful feature release filled with exciting enhancements. Find out what this month’s release ‘Lemon Tart’ has in store for you.

Launch of Web Store 2.0

Web Store

The wait is finally over! We have been working on redesigning the EZRentalStore to improve rental experience for your customers. From User Experience to Customer Sign up, the web store experience has been revamped. To enable your company’s web store, go to Settings -> Store Settings -> Web Store and try out the new experience. See a working web store here.
– ‘Shop by Filters’ have been added to the rental store. Admins can select relevant filters from Settings -> Store settings. Available filters include availability during rental duration, categories (groups you add in your company account), price e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, sale items, and location.
– Provide descriptive names to the main menu tabs from Settings -> Store Settings -> Main Menu Tabs.
– Enhanced customer sign up experience to help boost your web store’s traffic. Now customers can discover you online and also place orders. To enable go to Settings -> Store Settings -> Customer Self Sign Up.
– Shopping Cart has been improved. Customers can now leave instructions/comments on the order.
– Product Detail Pages have been introduced to showcase your rental and sale items. You can now send URLs of the products in company catalogs and emails.


Enhancements in QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks integration has been enhanced for rental and sales transactions. Enable from Settings -> Add Ons -> Integrate QuickBooks. You then need to specify the QuickBooks accounts (in the Chart of Accounts) where EZRentOut Sales and Payments go. EZRentOut Order # is now specially referenced in the corresponding QuickBooks Transaction. Also, the line items, as well as tax calculations, appear separately.


Credit Card Swipe for users
EZRentOut has been specifically designed to provide you best POS (Point of Sale) experience. We have extended our credit card swipe feature to this month. Customers can now make payments via POS as well as from the customer portal. Enable payments via from Settings -> Add Ons -> Enable Payments through Credit Card.

Pre-authorize Payments

Pre-authorize Payments
EZRentOut now supports pre-authorizing of payments on Credit Cards. Say, hold a payment of $5000 and when the payment date arrives, charge the rental price e.g. $1250 from the pre-authorized amount. This ensures that you have a payment held beforehand for Rental Charges, Damages, or Late Returns.

Swap Items in Orders

Swap Items in Rented Out Orders
Do you replace Rented Out Equipment when it requires servicing or breaks down during the rental duration? Use Swap Items feature to replace assets in a rented out order. Enable from Settings -> Add Ons -> Swap Rented Out Items.

Upcoming Release – Molten Lava Cake
Work on our next feature release ‘Molten Lava Cake’ has started. Expected features in this release include:
– Enhancement in bundles to have Advanced Pick Up for Asset Stock and Inventory.
– Image Upload feature in Invoice Designer.
– Support for Price Quotes, Packing List, Receipts along with existing invoices.


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