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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut Blogs March 2022 Release Notes 2

EZRentOut Feature Release Notes March 2022

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The EZRentOut team rolled out some exciting new features and enhancements this quarter. The B2B customer management module simplifies rentals to businesses. In other updates, you can use a Quick Check-in button for faster and more efficient returns, charge rental rates based on how many Assets were used, and add charts/graphs from Custom Reports directly to your Dashboard. 

Read the full notes for more details:

Simplify rentals to businesses with B2B customer management

Efficiently manage business customers and provide exceptional service with the improved B2B customer management module. Streamline your processes by creating company-level accounts and managing all business information from a single interface.

Use the Quick Check-in button to save time on returns

Save time during busy operational hours by searching for Items and checking them in from a Quick Check-in Button right from the top navigation bar.  The search automatically pulls up the Order associated with the Item(s) and marks the Asset/Asset stock as returned, and the Order is completed upon full payment.

Apply flexible charges to Assets based on usage

Offer flexible pricing by calculating and charging customers based on how much they used an Asset. Take control by setting a pre-decided usage limit per the customer’s requirement, defining a rental rate, and quickly calculating final charges.  

Add graphs and tables from Custom Reports to Your Dashboard

Pin relevant data to your Dashboard by adding graphs and charts from Custom Reports. Select the relevant Report and get an instant visualization of key business insights as soon as you log into the application. 

BBPOSWisePOS E as a recommended POS payment solution

We have updated the Stripe terminal support with BBPOS WisePOS E. Just register your account on Stripe, connect it with EZRentOut, and seamlessly charge credit card payments at the POS terminals.

That’s all for now folks! For more assistance on our rental management software, reach out to us at

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