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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut Blogs May 2020 Release Notes 2

EZRentOut Feature Releases May 2020

The EZRentOut team rolled out some exciting features in the last quarter. We have added some new enhancements to our Custom Fields and API, and have introduced features to help you customize prices for different customers, apply discounts to line items, and much more!

Line Item-Level Damages

Damaged items are a common concern for rental businesses. With our new feature, you can charge damages against specific items in an order, specify reasons for damage, number of items damaged, and the amount you want to charge.

Customer-Level Pricing

Setting a flat price rate for all your rental customers can be restrictive. Customer-level pricing offers an effective solution, enabling you to customize pricing for your customers and set personalized rates on an item level.

Line Item-Level Discounts

Offer discounts with more flexibility now! Instead of giving a flat discount on the entire order, you can apply individual discounts on each item within the order. For example, if you have two new cranes and a third older one, you can charge different rental rates for all of them. Charge full price for the new crane and offer a discount on the older one.

Label Enhancements via API

A section for Print Labels has been introduced in the API documentation. Users can now use API to retrieve all labels or to retrieve a specific item, member, location, or bundle label. To retrieve specific labels, users have to enter a list of IDs (for members, locations and bundles) or AINs (for items). They will then receive a single PDF containing all the associated labels.

Saving Custom Field Data

When a user deletes a custom field or edits the associated groups of the custom field, a copy of the deleted data is sent to the account owner in an Excel file. This way, any custom field data is kept safe with the owner, in case of future need.

6. Line Item Taxes

Enjoy greater flexibility while applying taxes to your order. Instead of applying taxes to the entire order, you can now apply individual taxes to each line item within the order. This feature is helpful in cases where you want to apply different taxes to different items in the order instead of applying one overarching tax to them all.

That’s all for now folks! For more assistance on our rental management software, reach out to us at

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