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Do you need Party Rental Software?

Rental inventory is the single biggest investment of any rental business and the prime source to boost their return on investment as well. For this reason, rental inventory demands continuous attention in order to maximize the revenue it generates. 

Managing a party rental company requires handling large quantities of party items like tableware and furniture, along with tracking valuable items like flooring, stages, tents and party speakers. That is where the party rental software comes in – easily letting you help your clients throw a birthday party for twenty-five people, a reception for a hundred or festival for a thousand.

The party rental software solution streamlines and simplifies the process. It lets you easily manage all aspects of your rental business. You can do it all and more like scheduling an order, making reservations, drafting price quotes, managing customers, conducting extensive reports, and emailing the invoices.

Let’s see where else party rental software will have your back!

1. Keep track of your inventory at all times

Just think about a situation where you have no exact idea about when your party rental inventory will be available. Or how many you currently have for the next event in line. Wouldn’t this result in a complete mess?

For sure! Party rental app lets you keep track of your inventory down to the very last detail. With a simplified product catalog, conflict-free availability and well-defined pricing structures, you can spend less time digging for data and more time on your customers.

The stock view option of the availability calendar lets you identify where everything stands. You will be able to see your stock levels at any time of the day. What’s even better about this rental software is that you can instantly see what is available versus rented out in real-time while scheduling an event.

Furthermore, you can set the event date or time and make changes to an existing one. The availability of your party rental inventory is instantly updated for all your products.

2. Create customized quotes and proposals

Appearance really matters in this industry. Offering your customers beautiful proposals and invoices happen to be an important part of what you do.

With party rental software, you have the ability to customize your document layouts used for different occasions – whether it is a quote, invoice or rental agreement. Having the ability to customize these efficiently and easily along with being able to make changes during the quotation stage is essential.

By knowing exactly which party rental item is booked for which event lets you quote with confidence and meet all your customer requests. You can simply email your proposals and select how little or more information you want to show. You can make whatever changes you need while on the move as well.

You can also use these order printouts for approval by sharing a unique link with your client where they can decline, view, accept, comment and download – all online.

3. Manage rental orders efficiently

It is important to understand that party rental companies have various events to cater to. Therefore, keeping track of multiple orders can turn out to be a complicated process if you do not have an efficient order management system on your side.

Also, these party rental businesses take the risk of overbooking items or equipment by covering most of the events. This problem may end up affecting customer experience and damaging brand reputation.

party rental software

A party rental app enables you to create conflict-free bookings and also add various items to them. It allows you to deal with countless customers at a time. It does that by efficiently tracking and managing orders and their invoices, requested by customers.

By doing this, you will avoid disorganized activities in your business. Party rentals don’t have to worry about losing products they rent out as the data is secured and users are tracked in real-time. You can easily view order history and check your schedule whenever you need.

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4. Integrate your party rental website with the software

You can easily integrate your well-established website with the software’s Webstore. This will benefit you in two ways: 

  1. Customers familiar with your existing website will have the same browsing experience without any disruptions; 
  2. You can keep the branding message consistent across both platforms, the Webstore and the website.

Once you’ve linked your website, your customers will be able to see item availability, images, and other information intuitively placed on your website. This is especially important for party rental businesses where customers are interested in viewing the availability of the party decoration kits before adding it to their carts. 

The booked orders on the website are automatically synchronized with the software making it easier for businesses to track orders and keep items in stock accordingly. Similarly, any changes on the software such as changing images or adding items are instantly reflected on the website. The real-time synchronization between the software and the website will update customers of the item’s availability immediately.

5. Seamless online payments

Your party rental customers can pay online to finish their checkout process right on the webstore. They can easily add credit card and billing details to complete their transaction with seamless and secure payment gateways. 

Dedicated party rental software integrates with multiple payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, etc, and lets you add multiple payment options to facilitate online payments for your customers. This adds flexibility for the customers to choose from multiple options. The payment processes are digitized and data automatically enters into the software to speed up cash flow movement and reduce error.  This way transactions are processed quickly and without delays.

6. Make the right decisions with the reporting feature

With a party rental store, it is common to be overwhelmed by the amount of data that you need to handle. It can make your business disorganized with files. It is here that the supercharged party rental software comes in handy. 

It helps you to map out all your data and present them in the form of different reports. With all the data analysis being done for you, it becomes easier to make important decisions – like cutting something off or investing in something new.

For example, you have 50 tents and only an average of 15 tents get rented out every month. You can simply quit purchasing more of these and instead, sell out some.

With all the data at hand, you can see what is more in demand and purchase those items. It could be that your sales are too slow. On the basis of the sales data and reports you have, you can use the software to run promotions, offer special discounts to groups or individuals and much more. Let the business insights pave way for better decision making!


When you have a party rental business, investing in party rental software enables you to improve your interaction with your customers.

It helps you run your business smoothly – whether it is scheduling an event or booking an order, keeping track of things you rent out or getting an overview of all your bookings; you can do all of that and more with party rental software.

Ultimately, you will be avoiding unnecessary loss, keeping your records organized, and staying on top of all your orders!

Use EZRentOut as your preferred party rental software

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