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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut Blogs Sept 2022 Release Notes

EZRentOut Feature Release Notes Sept 2022

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The EZRentOut team has rolled out some exciting new features and enhancements in the past few months. As part of our commitment to ensure improved security for your accounts, enable you to easily communicate Order-related details to customers, and efficiently manage multiple store listings on the Webstore.

Read the full notes for more details:

Manage Multiple Store Listings on Webstore

Businesses that manage multiple stores can now create separate Webstore domains for each store. Businesses can design attractive website layouts, add detailed item descriptions, and upload high-quality images to cater to diverse customer preferences for different stores. Easily filter Items by location or by Asset group that are most in demand in a given store.

Send instant Order-related emails to your Customers

Keep track of incoming and outgoing emails by clicking on the email icon on the Dashboard. View customer inquiries, communicate Order details, and respond to customers directly from the Order Details Page for effective and rapid correspondence.

Improved security with two-factor authentication

Enable two-factor authentication to protect your EZRentOut account credentials and security. This process verifies your identification twice: a login password and a time-based one-time password are required to login into your account.  These multiple layers of authentication will protect your account from unauthorized access and safeguard your crucial business information.

Add or return one or more Items in future rented out Orders

Businesses who need the flexibility to add or remove Items to make adjustments for replacements or modifications can benefit from this setting. Conveniently add or return Items in future rented out Orders and charge accordingly. 

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