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EZRentOut Blogs 5 Ways A Golf Cart Rental Software Can Boost Your Business

5 Ways a Golf Cart Rental Software Can Boost Your Business

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The golf cart rental market is expanding rapidly due to multiple trends including an increase in golf tourism, rapid urbanization, and increased use of carts during vacations and events. To illustrate, consider this: The American golf cart market size is projected to reach $1,627.6 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2019 to 2026. 

Evolving needs lead to golf cart rental market growth

These flexible and low-speed vehicles have traditionally been used in golf courses to transport golfers and their equipment. However, their use has expanded far beyond golf. A non-highway vehicle that can travel at an average speed of between 25 and 50 miles per hour, a golf cart is an ideal form of transport for multiple demographics such as vacationers in exotic locations and the aging population. 

There are many different types of golf carts, ranging from pushcarts, pull carts, electric carts, remote-controlled carts, etc. Depending on the requirement, these can be used for diverse purposes ranging from short drives to grocery stores and neighboring homes to ferrying guests around at a wedding. 

The current demand in the US has gradually shifted to commercial and personal purposes with rising urban spaces and customization. The passenger density is increasing in the U.S day by day which is why there is an enhanced focus on boosting the electric golf cart segment. Overall, the golf cart industry in the US is expected to remain a lucrative market.

The need for golf cart rental software

The golf tourism industry is led by a growing number of golf facilities and government support campaigns. It is anticipated to grow by $5.36 billion during 2020-2024. There is also a growing demand for golf carts as passenger vehicles in wedding destinations, tourist attractions, and trade shows, etc. 

Let’s take the example of a family vacationing in Florida on a serene and relaxing island. An easy-to-drive golf cart can be used to get them from their hotel to wherever they want to go on the island.

This is where the need for golf cart rentals is rising. Customers who only need golf carts for a few days or weeks will prefer to rent them rather than buy them. It is also more beneficial for customers to have a go-to app for timely booking of their preferred cart. A golf cart rental software can help you in providing that convenience to your customers.

Here are some key ways your golf cart rental business can benefit from a golf cart rental software:

1. Vehicle Management

Manage all your vehicle-related information from a single centralized platform. Add information such as vehicle number, registration number, insurance details, seating capacity, driver information under Asset details. This makes it easier to track your assets anytime. For example, you can conveniently scan your golf carts from their registration numbers.

For more details on Barcode scanning, click here.

You can efficiently manage maintenance to keep vehicles up to date for future bookings. A rental software gives you an option where equipment can be properly tested and repaired by enabling service triage. It can further create a preventative maintenance plan for you to set date reminders and email updates for current and future maintenance of your equipment.

Further streamline your customer’s booking experience with a non-conflicting schedule cart rentals.The availability calendar provides a bird’s eye view of all active orders and alerts you with a warning sign for unavailable carts. 

Read more about Dashboard Calendar here 

2. Real-time tracking of carts

You can enable GPS tracking with golf cart rental software to track your vehicles in real-time. The exact locations of all carts at any point in time can be known with a click of a button. 

A location map view helps keep track of carts in transit or rented out stages. Let’s say you have rental pricing set for every mile the cart has traveled. The exact coordinates and location map can help you confirm the number of miles traveled in actuality. 

Read more about GPS tracking here.

3. Golf cart personalized rental pricing

It is crucial for businesses to set optimal pricing for their products to attract customers and boost sales. 

A golf cart rental business owner can smoothly navigate from one pricing model to another, keeping in mind the duration of golf cart rentals. Golf carts are rented out for days, weeks or even for a couple of hours. You can set different pricing options for all these rental options, for example: $64 per day, $25 for every 2 miles travelled or $15 per hour.

Read more on how to strategically price your rentals here.

You can also set prices based on demand and consumer needs with personalized pricing.If a customer regularly rents golf carts for a week on bi-monthly basis then you can offer them discount coupons bi-monthly to attract future rentals. Similarly, you can analyze different rental patterns and offer discounts/promotions or deduct charges accordingly.

The software also lets you charge customers for any damages to the cart while it was rented out to them. Specify item number and reason for deductions so that customers can understand the charges clearly. 

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4. Quick billing and payments

A rental software provides hassle free billing and invoices for all your orders.You can directly link details about cart rented, usage time and total bill calculated while creating an order.A simple click on “print/sent invoice” helps in generating and sending invoices to your customers.

In times of contactless business during Covid-19 pandemic, you can send rental agreements digitally to your customers and they can electronically sign it with an integrated signature pad in rental software.The electronic signature option is available for invoices, quotations and receipts as well.

5. Golf Cart Mobile Rental App

Customers gain more flexibility by being able to view and book equipment with only a few taps on a smartphone screen.They will benefit from a single checkout screen avoiding duplicate bookings and ensuring prompt retrievals, allowing you to offer better service to your customers.

A robust rental software also allows sales representatives to respond quickly to inquiries about equipment availability. 

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