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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut Blogs April 2019 Release Notes 2

EZRentOut Release Notes – April 2019 Edition

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The team behind EZRentOut has been busy this month. We have upgraded our Asset Stock and Inventory Modules, introduced Consolidated Invoicing, enhanced Webstore, added Topaz Integration, and improved the functionality of Bundles.

Here’s the breakdown:

Topaz Integration

Paper documents are susceptible to damage and hard to carry around during tasks. For this reason, EZRentOut now supports seamless electronic signature capture with the Topaz Signature Pad so companies can iron out their verification and order processes.

Webstore: Request Cancellation Ability

It’s common for Customers to have second thoughts about their Orders. Make cancellations hassle-free with EZRentOut by enabling Customers to request order cancellations from the Webstore.

Payment Ability on the Webstore

We’ve made online payments through the Webstore even better. EZRentOut now enables Customers to pay directly from the Order details page for faster Order processing. This is accessible under Store Settings.

Print Order on the Webstore

An Order Printout is an invaluable tool for Customers to keep track of their purchases. Enhance their rental experience by enabling them to print out Order details right from the Webstore. Choose which templates they can view and print from the Store Settings.

Consolidated Invoicing

For customers or businesses that periodically place multiple Orders, generating invoices against every Order can be a nuisance. Generate one consolidated Printout for multiple Orders – be it for a Recurring Order, or a specific Business account or Customer.

Define Reorder Quantity for Asset Stock And Inventory Items

For seamless replenishment, you can now specify a default Reorder quantity for each Asset Stock and Inventory item. So whenever you add such an Item to a Purchase Order, the quantity to be ordered is reset to its defined Reorder quantity.

Transfer Stock in Bulk from one location to another

Streamline stock transfers when organizing events or restocking at various Locations. This feature enables Users to effortlessly transfer stock quantities in bulk from one Location to another via Excel Import.

Add Items to Bundles using Custom Fields

Speed up the process of creating Bundles in EZOfficeInventory by looking up items using custom identifiers. This applies to single line text and number Custom Fields for Items.

Coupons Report

This will allow Users to see the usage of their coupons and highlight the most popular ones. To access this report, go to Reports → Orders Reports → Coupons Used.

Location Stock View for Asset Stock

Users can now view stock quantity at each location of an Asset Stock using the Location Stock view on Asset Stock listing. This is similar to what we have in the Location Inventory view.

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