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Organize The Best Events in Town with Event Rental Software

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Event Rental Software for best events in town

Running an event rental business can be a handful. Delivering the right kind of staging, lighting and AV equipment at the right time to the right place requires a dedicated team effort.

For this reason, many rental companies use a mix of communication and project planning tools like emails, agenda management, and networking apps for team collaboration and task assignment.   

But even with technology simplifying management, pulling off successful events might still be difficult if you’re juggling numerous such tools simultaneously. Instead of increasing efficiency, event planning becomes time-consuming and contends with confusions in staffing and resource allocation.

This is exactly where an all-around event rental software solution can have your back. Using a single platform to manage rentals for different events lets you take the reins over conflicting event schedules, disorganized crew members and thousands of rental items.

Here’s a list of things you can do by investing in event rental software.

Keep track of different types of inventory

You can keep track of various types of inventory

When it comes to running an event rental business, nothing is more important than managing your business’s dynamic inventory. This ranges from flooring, staging, lighting and sound equipment to tables, chairs, silverware, and props.

The event rental software comes equipped with tools for inventory management so you can make categories for different types of items and track the quantity for each!

Most event rental software systems also come with bundle functionality. This allows you to sort your rental items as kits or sets so you can rent them out collectively to customers.

One such kit can be an AV kit consisting of speakers, microphones, mixers and LED video walls. Another example may include bundles of silverware and flatware for events.

With the bundle and inventory modules, you can easily maneuver between tracking your inventory of rental items, either individually or in groups.  

Create professional online quotes in a jiffy

Creating and managing a paper trail of hundreds of rental orders can make you slog through your business. With the event rental software at your side, you can collect and store your customer and asset data on an easy-to-access cloud.

This means you can readily pull up all customer and item information from your database to create all kinds of quotes and invoices in no time.   

You can then email these quotes to your customers, who later confirm them by signing them electronically. The event rental software also allows you to add custom fields regarding cost breakdown in your invoice summary so your customers know that you’re charging them fairly.

Always know the availability of your equipment

You always know the availability of your equipment

With various assets being dispatched to various locations, knowing the on-hand availability of your equipment can be a real hassle.

To your relief, event rental software comes with an availability calendar so you always know which equipment is available in what quantity during a certain period. It also tells you which items are currently out for service and which are soon due for maintenance.

Guessing how much of a certain inventory is available for reservation is a fool’s game. With a smart availability calendar, you have accurate knowledge of the availability of your assets. It not only lets you plan ahead but also allows you to rule the roost over upcoming event bookings.

Keep tabs on damaged or lost equipment

You rented out an AV kit to a customer. They returned all the items on the return date, however, one of the speakers returned was defective. Sounds familiar?

Many times, rented out items are misused by customers, leading to damage or a complete loss of functionality.

Fortunately, a robust event rental software solution enables item verification on return. You can manually inspect returned assets and check-in the ones that are free of damage via a scanner. This can be done against a checklist of items in an order (generated during checkout) so you don’t face any lost equipment.

Furthermore, what should you do if you receive a damaged projector or speaker? You can send such an item for repair instantly, and change its status from ‘available’ to ‘checked out for maintenance’ so that faulty equipment is never rented out to customers.

Event rental software also enables you to schedule regular repair events before any eventual malfunction occurs, so you can plan for events without missing a beat.

Have access to data both on and off premise

You have access to data both on and off premises

Whether you’re working in your office or are installing a stage rig at a venue, event rental software gives you access to your customer and inventory data from anywhere.

Since all the information is stored in a cloud database, you and your team can access it from any device. It allows you to check event details and follow different projects on the go.

You can make timely business decisions even when you’re away from your workplace. No more waiting to get to the office when dealing with pressing rental issues.  With the event rental software in place, there are no boundaries!

Sub-rent to overcome shortages

The sub-rental feature of the rental software comes extremely handy during peak seasons. It offers you an instant overview of equipment shortfalls so you can sub-rent from third parties to later rent it to your customers, and compensate for the deficit.  

All you have to do is select the vendor from whom you want to sub-rent a certain piece of equipment for a certain time period to fill in the gap. This way, you never overbook your assets or miss out on any potential orders.

Event Rental Software is the new norm!

Remember when keeping paper trails of orders and using spreadsheets for managing different tasks were all the hype? With ever-increasing competition and a dire need to deliver on time, event rental software is now a must-have for successfully running an event rental business. Tech-savvy competitors are everywhere so make sure you aren’t left behind!

Streamline your interaction with customers, stay on top of your inventory, and respond to maintenance and shortfall issues instantly. With all the power pack features of event rental software, make rental roadblocks a thing of the past and pull off the best events in town.

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