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EZRentOut Blogs Here Are 6 Reasons Your Portable Sanitation Business Can Benefit From A Rental Software

Here are 6 Reasons Your Portable Sanitation Business Can Benefit From a Rental Software

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Rapid urbanization, a globally expanding construction sector, and strict regulations about public hygiene/sanitation are instrumental in the rapid growth of the portable sanitation and toilet business.  

Efficiently delivered, managed, and installed portable sanitation facilities are an essential part of outdoor activities. From large-scale outdoor events to smaller personal gatherings, and projects such as a construction site, portable toilets, and sanitation stalls provide an easy and hygienic solution. 

Depending on the nature of the event/job, your portable toilet and sanitation rental business can get an order for different types of installations. These can be primarily divided into: 

Recirculating chemical portable restrooms

This is a fully self-contained stall made from lightweight molded plastics for longer durability. It does not require connections to water,drainage or power.These stalls are ideal for construction sites that are located far away from city areas and have fluctuating power and water supplies. Chemical mixture used in these stalls helps reduce odor and provides better user experience.

Deluxe portable restrooms

An economical stall with comforting amenities perfectly suited for outdoor weddings, birthday parties or conferences. It can range from two station stalls to ten stations depending upon the number of guests. Each stall is equipped with a bowl sink, ventilation slots and lighting to provide convenience for guests. 

Standard portable restrooms

These are basic toilet stations near parks, or main streets to provide restroom facilities to citizens. They have a flush mechanism and hand sanitizers containing anti-bacterial hand gel to maintain high levels of hygiene. The basic stall is used widely across urban spaces and for large events to maintain cleanliness and reduce waste. This restroom is equipped with the proper garbage disposal, and as a bonus, it is an environmentally sustainable toilet – uses 90% less water than a conventional toilet.

How can portable sanitation rental software help your business grow?

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Portable Toilet Rental industry is $2.2bn in 2021. While the market continues to grow, it is also highly competitive with increased demands for high quality and efficient customer service. 

You can differentiate yourself in this competitive market by installing portable sanitation rental software. Here are six effective ways a portable sanitation rental software can help your business grow:

1. Inventory Management

One of the core requirements for any business is to maintain optimal inventory. A portable sanitation rental software can help you with total inventory visibility, real time inventory tracking, and streamlined warehouse operations. 

Accurately manage low stock levels or replenishments with rental software. This will help reduce costs and enable you to run smoother warehouse operations. How?Set single orders or bulk orders in accordance with warehouse space needs. For example single stalls and trailer sized stalls need to be rented on the same day.If you are short on stock, you can use rental software to check inventory and order it in advance to ensure timely and efficient service.

Portable sanitation rental businesses with stocks maintained at multiple warehouses can benefit from stock threshold management. Use the portable sanitation rental software to set minimum and maximum stock quantity levels and get alerts if quantity falls below or above the set threshold.

Read more about setting stock threshold levels here.

2. Plan and Track Deliveries

Avoid double bookings, delays, and conflicts by looking at the status of inventory on a dashboard calendar. See which items are available, checkout, or reserved and always make reliable promises to customers. 

It is also crucial for a portable toilet rental business to keep accurate and real-time track of rented-out stalls and ensure they are delivered at the right place at the right time. You can accurately schedule, deliver, or cancel deliveries with a rental software as well as reliably schedule them for future dates. 

Read more about delivery status here

Customers are notified when stalls are delivered and they can send confirmation that their order was received on time. Lets say your customer requires single stalls for an outdoor wedding ceremony. You can mark its delivery date and time. The rental software will automatically alert you when it’s delivered and send an email to your customer. 

Tracking trucks that are transporting toilet stalls is easier with GPS tracking features. The exact locations of all stalls at any point in time can be known with a click of a button. A location map view helps keep track of stalls in transit or rented out stages.

3. Easy Schedule adjustments to meet demand

The demand for portable sanitation and toilets is seasonal and may increase or decrease over the course of the year. Don’t let your customer base be confined and offer flexible, 24 hour, access to your business with an online store. Use the information from within your rental software to easily set up a Webstore. 

This enables customers to log-in, view, and rent out stalls whenever they want. You can even set extra reservation hours to meet growing demand. A portable sanitation rental software with its online presence helps your business grow by expanding your customer base, automating your sales and marketing your products online. 

4. Customizable Sales Report

Business reports are a valuable tool to analyze trends and project it to strategize better. A rental software offers a helpful sales report to highlight revenue trends and its performance over a certain period. It also allows you to create insightful graphs to show the changes in revenue over time. You can customize reports as per your key factors, for example you can compare sales in peak season for two consecutive years and analyze changes. 

Read more about Graphs in Custom Reports here

The most important factor for a portable sanitation rental business is to continuously strive for higher sales. Sales reports can help them forecast future trends and implement strategies that result in higher sales.

5. Service and maintenance

Renting out damaged restroom stalls can lead to customer dissatisfaction. That’s why it is important to continuously check and monitor the condition of your stalls. You can schedule monthly and weekly upkeep of stalls with recurring services. A rental software enables you to automate equipment service immediately upon check in with Service Triage

In order to avoid restroom malfunctions,you can create a preventative maintenance plan by setting date reminders and email updates for current and future maintenance. A well maintained inventory will build customer loyalty and establish a great business reputation. 

Read more: Service and Maintenance in EZRentOut

6. Seamless billing and payments

Streamline and automate billing by directly linking details about stalls rented, usage time and total bill calculated while creating an order. Invoices can be timely generated and sent to customers. For contactless payments, send digital rental agreements to your customers and they can electronically sign it with an integrated signature pad in rental software. You can even send digital bills and invoices for convenience to your customers.

portable sanitation and toilet

Once the customers agree to the billing terms, you can also allow credit card swipe and POS terminals to charge payments on these orders.There are multiple hardware integrations with credit card readers to seamlessly manage payments from your customers. 

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