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EZRentOut Blogs Nov 2020 Release Notes

EZRentOut Feature Release Notes November 2020

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The EZRentOut team had an exciting quarter as we launched a new, fully redesigned interface. Based on extensive testing and valuable feedback from our customers, we have provided an enhanced user experience. The intuitive new design makes your rental operations easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

We also rolled out many exciting new features and enhancements. Try the usage tracking features that enable you to easily track usage of your rentals and charge overage, Also, check out the enhancements to  Bundles, Print Labels, and Alerts to further streamline operations.

1. New and improved UI

The new fully redesigned user interface is highly intuitive — it’s easier than ever to navigate the system. You can access all essential business information and manage workflows faster with the updated navigation bars. By increasing application efficiency, EZRentOut aims to significantly reduce the time you spend managing rental assets.

2. Print labels for customers and businesses

Previously, the system enabled you to create print labels for Items, Bundles, Users, Orders, and Locations. Now, with the latest enhancements, you can also create, edit, and customize print labels for your Customers and Businesses.

3. Attach documents automatically with alerts/emails

Instead of manually attaching documents with relevant alerts or emails, you can now automate the process. Once you upload the documents and enable the correct settings, the documents will automatically be attached to all emails that are sent out regarding a particular asset.

4. Track usage and charge for overage

Determine whether customers have used equipment beyond the recommended limit and charge overage. You can define what “fair usage” means for your company, such as allowing customers to use a rented machine for eight hours a day. If a customer’s actual usage goes beyond the allowed fair usage, you can easily apply an overage charge.

5. Bundle enhancements

Adding Bundles to Orders is more efficient as instead of having to add one Bundle to an Order at a time, you can add multiple quantities of the Bundle or easily edit the quantity from the Order Details page.

6. Send alerts to multiple customer email addresses

You may want to send an email or customer alert to multiple email addresses attached to the same Customer, for example, sending an email to the person of contact as well as the Finance Department. You can now easily do that by adding multiple secondary emails to a Customer in EZRentOut.

7. Custom Report enhancements

When generating a custom report, you can apply functions to fields for greater insight into your data. These functions include Sum, Max, Min, Count, and Average. You can apply a single function to a single field, multiple functions to multiple fields, or even apply functions to groups to narrow down your results further.

That’s all for now folks! For more assistance on our rental management software, reach out to us at

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