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Why Your Bike Rental Business Needs Online Rental Software

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Many bicycle enthusiasts consider running a bike rental business their dream job. After all, what could be more rewarding than sharing your joy of cycling with others? However, running a bike rental business isn’t just about bikes. A sound understanding of bike specifications and customer requirements is only one of the many things necessary to run a profitable bike rental business. An online rental software which allows seamless inventory management and helps manage an online storefront is another essential ingredient for success.

It’s All About Customer Experience

Bike retailers need to understand that customers buy into the experience that the promise of a good bike ride brings. What’s important here is that this wonderful experience begins with the customer’s very first interaction with the rental shop. Customers are all about convenience – they want relevant information instantly and easily. Even small delays like waiting for employees to check records for bike availability can push customers far away. The likelihood is that these customers will opt for a rental service that optimizes every stage of customer interaction.  

online rental software

One way to do this is through online rental software. Here’s how the software can enable you to provide the best possible customer experience and in-turn ensure the success of your rental business.

Provide Faster Customer Service

In today’s digital age, customers are accustomed to accessing information instantly and easily. Calling bike rental stores to inquire about bike availability and waiting for employees to search through records is simply too much work. What online rental software has to offer is a way to optimize this entire renting process through features like POS or accounting integrations, and create the perfect user experience. The rental software enables you to implement a system for online booking that reflects real-time changes in inventory and prices.

Using the online rental software to keep up-to-date records of your fleet of bicycles equips you with vital information about the status of your equipment – you know exactly where a bike is, who has it, when it’s due back and if it needs repairs. This makes managing equipment and scheduling rentals a faster and more efficient process. Additionally, using the online web-store, customers can easily look-up available bikes and reserve them without encountering any scheduling conflicts or delays. Therefore, online rental software ensures that the customer’s first interaction with your rental business is hassle-free and effective.

online rental software

Allow for Self-Service

Online web stores can also provide customers with greater flexibility to rent and search for equipment on their own. Having an online storefront means that customers can log in anytime, anywhere and find what they are looking for without having to wait for employees to be available or shops to open. This means that customers can get service when and where they want. Providing rental service at the time and place convenient to customers can considerably increase sales and improve customer experience.

An online storefront also allows customers to compare bicycle details and prices easily and to their utmost satisfaction. Customers can reserve bikes in advance and also extend rental periods all from the comfort of their homes. Facilitating customers by providing rental information at their doorstep goes a long way in increasing customer retention, referrals and ultimately attracting more business.

online rental software

Provide the Best Quality Bikes

Providing the best possible service to customers is of little value if the bikes you are renting out are faulty or just not a good fit for the customer. However, ensuring that all your bikes are kept in top condition and are serviced regularly is a difficult and time-consuming task. Online rental software makes this complex process simple and effective. The software allows you to schedule regular maintenance checks on your bikes, track servicing requests and send email alerts to stakeholders. You can use the software to automatically assign returned bikes into service. Adopting such preventative maintenance strategies to keep your bikes in shape will ensure that customers are provided with properly functioning bikes each time they avail your service. The chances of your bikes unexpectedly breaking down or their brakes failing will be greatly reduced. Therefore, online rental software will enable you to provide customers with the assurance that your bikes are well-maintained and safe to use. Renting a good trouble-free bike is essential to providing your customer with a positive rental experience.

online rental software

Give it the Personal Touch

Happy employees lead to happy customers. The logic behind this is simple; if the employees are happy then the customers get the best possible service. If, however,  employees are unhappy, they may overlook customer and equipment needs and generally dampen the atmosphere, eventually reducing sales. Workplace stress can be considerably lowered by using the productivity-boosting features of online rental software. With the system, employees no longer have to juggle multiple record books or run around frantically trying to locate equipment as they can easily access equipment information with the click of a button. Employees that are less frustrated or preoccupied with equipment details are more present and can meet the needs of customers better. These employees can utilize the limited time that they have to better understand customer needs and provide appropriate advice. Thus ensuring that customers have more memorable and positive experiences.


Online rental software enables bike rental businesses to provide better customer experiences by providing faster and more flexible customer service, better quality bikes and more customer-centric interactions. Therefore, online rental software can considerably increase profits by attracting more business.

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