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Paypal Payflow Gateway Integration

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Charge your customers via PayPal Payflow Pro

We’ve added Paypal Payflow to our list of supported payment gateways along with, SquareStripe, Braintree, and Paypal as the payment options available.


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Configuring Payflow Integration – Step-by-Step Guide

Payflow Integration

1. Enable ‘Payflow’ from Settings –> Add Ons –> Enable Payments through Credit Card.
2. Enter your Payflow account credentials (Partner, Merchant Login and Password) and click on ‘Verify Account’. If it’s successful, a notification will show up saying, ‘Keys verified.
 Note: To save changes and enable Payflow, you must scroll to the bottom of the ‘Add Ons’ page and press ‘Update’.

3. Now, log in to your Payflow account (via PayPal Manager) and head to the ‘Account Administration’ section. Go to ‘Transaction Settings’.

PayPal Account Administration Section

4. From Transaction Settings, enable ‘Reference transactions’ and press ‘confirm’.

PayPal transaction settings

5. Head to ‘Allowed IP Addresses for API’ transaction processing under the Account Administration section.
Add the following IP values to whitelist the EZRentOut servers:
Once the values are entered, click ‘Update’.

IP Addresses for API

That’s it, you are done! With Payflow set up, you now have a POS (Point of Sale) ready for Credit Cards transactions.

Pre-Authorize or Hold Payments

Pre-Authorizing a payment is also supported. Say, you want to hold an advance payment of $275 and when the payment date arrives, deduct the entire rental price e.g. $429, including the pre-authorized amount. You just need to choose ‘Pre-Authorize’ when charging payment.

Pre-authorize payment

You can then charge or cancel the hold.

Charge or cancel hold
  • If you charge the Pre-Authorized amount, your customer has to pay the remaining $154 via card or cash.
  • If you cancel the Pre-Authorized amount, your customer is entitled to pay the entire rental fee of $429 via card or cash.

Learn more about POS.

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