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The Rental Beat – Feature Release – Equipment Rental Software

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equipment rental software

August has kept us very busy here at EZRentOut. This month, we’ve rolled out some productivity-boosting features and other significant enhancements to our equipment rental software. You can benefit from our smooth signatures workflow, seamless integrations, flexible rental pricing, and supercharged module for orders. We’ve also made multilevel scanning, and maintenance management a whole more convenient, so you can prioritize what’s important for your business. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release.

electronic signatures

Improved Signatures Workflow: Previously customers were restricted to in-store signatures on the system. For businesses carrying out remote transactions with clients over phone or email, this was limiting. Now your customers will be able to receive and send in signed rental agreements seamlessly. The improved signatures workflow will enable businesses to carry out complete contract management from within EZRentOut. This will save you time, cost and effort. This will play out if ‘Order Printouts’ are enabled from Settings Add Ons. Learn More on Electronic Signatures.

orders and bookings

Supercharged Orders and Booking Module: Some major enhancements have been done to the orders’ module. These will empower businesses to better plan and manage rental orders. Booked orders can now be edited on the fly. Items can be removed/added, giving businesses more control over their equipment. Enable the Bookings Module from Settings Add Ons. You can now book more items at the last minute and update the order. Say you booked a rental order that consists of a Nikon DSLR Camera to cover an exhibition but then you realized you forgot to add the tripod. Now, adding the tripod is just a matter of looking it up and adding to the order. Learn More

order item verification

Multilevel Scanning and Item Verification: Many rental businesses have workflows where items are scanned and verified multiple times at different stages or locations. Previously, item verification and scanning was enabled for booked and rented out orders. This month, we’ve made some tweaks to it. Now you can do multi-level scanning and item verification on returned orders. For example, when renting out from a warehouse, then when loading it onto freight, then when items arrive at the destination, when they’re shipped back and finally when they’re received. Users can restrict order rent outs if all items are not verified via scanning. Also, a warning appears when items are not verified via scanning on return. Enable Item Verification on Orders from Settings Add Ons. Learn More on Item Verification.

performance reports

Weekly Performance Reports: EZRentOut enables businesses to increase their workforce productivity, and to this end one of the features being released is a weekly report that will be emailed to the account owners on the relative performance of all employees. Subscription is enabled by default which Account Owners can disable from More My Alerts Uncheck ‘Subscription to Performance Reports’. This report will target your most valuable customers, top staff members, most popular items and most valuable items. Additionally, it will cover statistics based on all orders and customers, webstore, and a revenue graph (comparison between current and last month’s data).

preventive maintenance

Service Triage: We’ve made an update to the way we do maintenance management. You can now set your account to automatically send assets into maintenance after an item is checked in. This will ensure that an equipment is always in the best state before it is rented out again. To enable this, go to Settings Add Ons Service Triage. You can set the service period here. This can either be enabled for all groups or for a specific group from its detail page. Once done, an asset will automatically be sent into maintenance for the duration specified after it is returned. You can also disable Service Triage on a certain group of assets from its detail page.


Bundles on Webstore: We’ve rolled out this feature on popular request this month. Bundles are used to combine items together to book and rent out orders with ease and speed. These can be your rental packages, promotional deals or just combination of items that are regularly rented out together. You can now showcase bundles on your webstore for customers to view and add to cart. Additionally, selected bundles can be made ‘visible on webstore’ or showcased as a ‘featured bundle’ from the Bundle’s detail page. From the store settings, you can also customize information a customer views on a bundle’s detail page e.g. number of available bundles, any discounts applied to them, as well as all the items contained within the bundle itself. Note: Bundles can only be viewed as a separate tab – enabled from Settings Store Settings Menu Tabs. Learn More

rental rates

Mass Edit of Rental Pricing: Previously, we rolled out advanced rental pricing feature for EZRentOut users. Now you can update rental pricing for multiple items (assets and asset stock) in one go. Say you want to update the pricing for all mountain bikes. Go to the ‘Mountain Bikes’ group → Select all items on a page → Choose ‘Edit’ from Actions dropdown. From mass edit, you can also choose whether to apply usual rates or advanced pricing. Pricing can also be set while importing or updating items from excel. This comes into play when you enable ‘Advanced Rental Rates’ from Settings → Add Ons. Learn More

More on our Equipment Rental Software…

Improved customization in the ‘Email Templates’ designer. Add placeholders for custom fields (date alerts only)


Do you have an account yet? Now is the best time to sign up for it! EZRentOut has been specifically designed to provide you the best POS (Point of Sale) experience. Therefore, we’ve partnered with to bring you this great offer. From now until September 30th 2016, anyone signing up with will pay no setup fee. Once done, enable payments on EZRentOut via from Settings → Add Ons → Enable Payments through Credit Card.

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