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4 Best Practices for Video Production Equipment Rental Business To Boost Sales

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The market for video production spans from independent filmmakers and amateurs creating vlogs to big video production companies. No matter what the target audience is, in today’s highly competitive, video-focused world, producing the most successful video content requires the latest professional video production equipment. 

Acquiring video production equipment for your needs can be challenging. The price of cameras, lenses, and audio gear is high, as are the costs of tripods and gimbals, but these tools are necessary for the final product to look and sound fantastic. An excellent way for production companies to stay within budget without compromising on quality is by leveraging video production equipment rental businesses. 

As a key business source for video production, it is important for your rental business to stay current on all industry best practices for high-quality video. Here are some factors to consider when making the list of video production equipment to include in your inventory: 

1. High-demand video production equipment rentals

Video production equipment with excellent features and competitive pricing is essential. It is very helpful for rental business operators to monitor consumer trends that are shaping customer expectations and keeping in stock the most in-demand equipment, from modular design to drone pilots, all under one rental store.

2. Choose the right lighting kit

The right lighting sets the mood of the video, and the proper use of lighting can persuade viewers to look at objects or scenes as intended, such as the mystery movie scene being dark and suspenseful, affecting the overall tonality of the content. 

Focus on adjustable and 3-point lighting kits when choosing one for your video production equipment rentals. The standard best practice calls for a 3-point light focus, which includes: 3. The fill light draws attention to the subject. 1. The backlight illuminates the background. 2. The key light illuminates the subject. Another best practice is to balance the colors with the lighting in the room or outside. The recommended lighting kit is the 3 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light and Stand Lighting Kit.

3. Audio equipment for clear and crisp sound quality 

Excellent audio quality is a must-have for high-quality videos. Clarity, precise fidelity, and the absence of background noise are essential for appealing video results.

Here are some best practices for selecting the best audio equipment: 1. External and dedicated microphones enhance audio quality. According to booming demand, you can decide whether to incorporate a selection of one-dimensional or multi-dimensional microphones. 2. Reliably clear audio quality feature is a must-have in all your audio equipment, but microphones in particular, so it is important to make these options available to your customers. As one example, a popular choice for high-end video production is the Rode NTG-2 Dual Powered Directional Shotgun Microphone. 

4. Stabilize video cameras with tripods

Videographers almost always require tripods to stabilize the camera for their shoots. One of the best practices for tripods is to be sure to carry light and portable models that can be utilized with ease. A recommended tripod is a 50-inch Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand. 

How can your rental business incorporate these best practices to boost sales? 

1. Attractive bundles to entice customers

Video production equipment is likely to be rented out along with related accessories. For example, video production camera equipment can be bundled with lightweight tripods and shotgun microphones, as a package. This package can help ensure that the camera will be rented out more often.

Customers will take notice of a compelling offer on these bundles because the packages are perceived to be less expensive than renting each item separately. Your rental business can optimize this strategy by bundling the most in-demand items with lower-selling items to entice customers to rent more bundles, which can help boost overall sales. 

2. Market top-selling items through your Webstore

When your business has aligned its video production equipment rental inventory with current industry standards, it is the right time to market and inform customers of the most popular items. 

Your rental Webstore is a great venue to market rental items effectively. Product options can be customized with eye-catching images, appealing product ribbons, and detailed product descriptions that include quantity and availability.

For example, a 3-point focus lighting kit could have ribbons attached, such as “Hot Selling Item”, “Featured Item” or “Industry Approved”. These ribbons are positioned in the upper left corner of the product photos to help clients notice them right away when they visit your rental store. Attractive ribbons can be a useful tool to let customers know that your business rents top-rated items, and help persuade them to put those goods in their shopping cart.

3. Product descriptions as a marketing tool

Webstore product descriptions highlight the core function of the rental equipment and why it may be the right choice.  But they also can also be leveraged as effective marketing of your video production equipment rental items, to help sell a particular item to your visitors. 

For example, here’s the product description for the lighting kit – “3 Packs Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Video Light and Stand Lighting Kit”. This description highlights top-tier features that any customer would be looking for in a lighting kit, but it also draws attention to key extras, such as lighting stands, that are included with the lighting equipment and add value. Skillfully written descriptions can help persuade customers that the item is a good deal and drive more sales.

4. Custom reports to increase sales

 Every rental business has its own unique sales patterns for customer demand and so pre-configured reports might not be able to meet these individual needs. Customized templates are very important so you can generate reports that match your particular business needs. 

These customized reports can be used to analyze sales trends.  You can visualize increases and decreases in sales over the promotions or discounts period. An increase in sales would mean promotions were effective in renting out items. 

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