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The Rental Beat: Feature Release February 2017 – Equipment Rental Software

equipment rental softwareRental business management can be daunting during the peak season. This keeps us motivated to bring tailored features for you – all based on your feedback. EZRentOut now includes flexible bundle pricing, streamlined order workflows, improved webstore, and a robust Computerized Maintenance Management System. Log in to your account to experience the latest updates added to our equipment rental software now!

Read on to find out what we’ve got in store for you in our latest feature release!

bundle pricing for rental itemsRental Pricing for Bundles: Rental pricing in EZRentOut is incredibly flexible. We now offer rental rates for bundled items, enabling you to set flat or discounted pricing for bundles. We’ve rolled out this feature on popular request. Bundles can be assigned a flat price, regardless of the items they contain. You can also assign a percentage value to each item for greater accuracy in reports. Note that bundle-level discounts are applied to the total rental price calculated for each item in a bundle. Learn More

preventive maintenanceCMMS – Preventive Maintenance: We’ve made huge improvements to our Services and Maintenance workflow. The Services page under the notification bell now gives you a snapshot of all active, completed and pending services. We’ve also introduced an Add On enabling services on specific groups to repeat periodically. Set up a ‘Recurring Service’ by clicking ‘More’. We’ve tweaked our Service Triage feature, too! You can now put items into service indefinitely and pull them out only when it’s convenient for you. In addition, details about maintenance have now been added to the Availability Calendar. Learn more.

webstore for rentalsImproved Webstore: Payment is now a lot more convenient for your customers. They can pay for orders directly through the webstore, via credit card, without having to access a customer portal. For this, ‘Auto-booking’ and ‘Payments through webstore’ must be enabled from Store Settings > Order Settings. Then enable ‘Payments through Credit Cardfrom Add Ons. If you want rentals to be returned the same day they were rented out, enable same-day returns from Store Settings > Order Settings. You can also use JavaScript for ecommerce tracking. To do this, go to Store Settings to configure ‘Script for confirmed Cart’ in order to track web order sales on Google Analytics. Learn More

report for rentalsReports: After saving, you can now choose to share custom reports across all admins. Of course, only the creator of the report or the Account Owner will be able to make changes to the report. For this to play out, ‘Save Custom Reports’ must be enabled from Settings > Add Ons. You can also print PDFs in the landscape format to enable a much more intuitive display of your data. Do this by going to Settings > Company Settings > Advanced Settings > PDF Reports Page Layout.

rental business accountsImproved Workflow for Business Customers: We’ve made some enhancements to the Business accounts in EZRentOut. You can generate aggregate reports for all business customers under Customer Reports. Business data can also be generated under Order and Order line reports. Custom industry category can be added for a business to help with organization. In addition to that, businesses can be migrated to EZRentOut in bulk through an Excel import. Lastly, we also enable you to add a shipping address for businesses, specifying where items will be delivered, by clicking on ‘Shipping Location’ on any order. Learn More

bookings for rentalsBookings: You can enforce conflict-free bookings for inventory from Settings > Add Ons > Bookings. This ensures you never run out of inventory items booked to be sold in advance. We’ve also made some tweaks to the ‘Bookings’ page under the notification bell. You can now cancel multiple bookings in a single go. This action is only accessible to the account owner. Clicking ‘View’ will take you directly to the order in question, under ‘Show Details’, helping you make quick edits. This way, you can speed up the time taken to manage bookings. Learn More

last updatesTime Adjustments: We’ve introduced a newLast Updated’ custom field on the Items Listing page; you can now see items based on when they were last edited. This can also be used as a filter, by specifying the time-frame within which items were updated to get the information you need. We’ve also added API calls for filtering items by ‘Last Updated’.

Other enhancements

We’ve brought out a whole host of other minor tweaks and improvements to our equipment rental software that are going to help you get things done a bit more quickly! For instance:

  • Easy to set up custom alerts with sample views.
  • Order Printouts can be attached to order email alerts.
  • Staff Users can now view location details.
  • The ability to save search preferences.
  • In-app updates so you can keep up with feature releases.
  • Refer a friend’ to avail an Amazon Gift Card.
  • The ability to add multiple taxes to an Order.

While we continue to work on some exciting enhancements for you this year, let’s take a look back at everything we achieved together in 2016! Click here to view the Infographic.

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