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[How To] Integrate Plug’n Pay Payment Solution with EZRentOut

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EZRentOut enables you to optimize your point of sales for smooth, streamlined transactions. You can now integrate a Plug’n Pay account with your EZRentOut account to quickly process online payments via credit card. 

This blog is a step by step guide on setting up the integration. 

EZRentOut also integrates with BrainTree,, Payflow, Stripe, Square POS, and Moneris. 

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EZRentOut supports the following features on the Plug’ n Pay integration

Payment on WebstorePayment via Mobile AppPayment via Broadband AppPayment via Customer PortalRefund Payments
Multiple GatewaysCard on File PaymentsAutomate Recurring PaymentsQuickBooks Sync (Desktop and Online)Xero Sync

Integrating the Plug’n Pay account

Before you start, you’ll need a Plug’n Pay merchant account to manage credit card payments. (Note: EZRentOut does not charge any commission/fee on transactions).

Integrate your Plug’n Pay account from Settings → Add Ons → Enable Payments through Credit Card → select Use Plug’n Pay.

You will need to enter your Merchant Account Name and Remote Client Password. Here’s how to find these details in your Plug’n Pay account:

Log into your Plug’n Pay account. Go to the Merchant Administration Area  → Security Administration. 

Click on the highlighted area and go to Username/Password Configuration.

Navigate to  Manage Remote Client Password and click to generate your password and save it. 

Note: Navigate to Transaction Security Configuration  →  Security Requirements  →  Authorizations. Scroll down and check Password. This enables a mandatory password requirement for every transaction. This setting is not enabled by default.

Now scroll down further and uncheck the IP Address to eliminate the possibility of error messages in case of a conflicting IP Address.

From the Merchant Administration Area, make sure Recurring Administration is enabled so the card on file is enabled within EZRentOut. 

Setting up Plug’n Pay in EZRentOut

Log into your EZRentOut account and enter your Merchant Account Name and Remote Client Password. The Merchant Account Name is the same you use to log into your Plug’n Pay account. Click Verify Account and you will get a verification notice. Update and save changes. 

You are ready to start charging payments via  Plug’n Pay. 

Swiping the cards

Let’s take a look at how charging payment via Plug’ n Pay works in EZRentOut.

On the Order Details page, with every Customer, you’ll see the Credit Card icon. 

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The following is the form that pops-up when you click the Credit Card icon. You can either scan the customer’s credit card that allows the system to capture all the details or add in the credit card details manually.

Once the credit card information is entered, it’s saved on file (in Plug’ n Pay’s database).

Now when charging payment on this Order, you can choose to use the Credit Card already on file or use a different card and update the card on file for this Customer.

Click Submit and your online transaction will be processed. You can now see that a credit card payment has been charged using Plug’ n Pay which is visible on the order pricing table.

Your payment will now appear in your Plug’ n Play account under the Transaction Administration Area. 

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Charging mass payments for multiple orders

You can charge payment for multiple orders to the same or different customers in one go. To do this, do the following:

Go to Orders listing page and multi-select orders you need to charge payment for.

A dialog box will appear for Order Payments (see image below). Here you can configure details such as Payment Date, preferred Payment Gateway, order payment specifics, and Comments.

Note: CC payments can only be charged to customers with their cards saved on-file.

Click ‘Charge Payment’ once done.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you start charging payments for multiple Orders.

Pre-authorize or hold payments

Pre-Authorizing a payment is also supported. Say, you want to hold an advance payment of $9.52 and when the payment date arrives, deduct the entire rental price e.g. $9.52. You just need to choose ‘Pre-Authorize’ when charging payment.

You can then charge or cancel the hold.

  • If you charge the Pre-Authorized amount, your customer has to pay the remaining amount via card or cash
  • If you cancel the Pre-Authorized amount, your customer is entitled to pay the entire rental fee of $9.52 via card or cash.

Charging payments through Plug’n Pay on the Webstore

Customers who place orders via Webstore can also pay for orders through Credit Cards. This can be enabled from Settings > Store Settings > Order Settings> Enable Payment through Webstore. On the cart page, they can click ‘Pay Now’ which will take them to the payment details page.

Guest shoppers or new customers will have to fill in the details, while the existing ones will view a pre-populated page (this will happen if you are keeping the details on file when integrating Plug’ n Pay from Settings > Add Ons).

All these payments will also appear in your Plug’ n Pay account under Transaction Administration.

Syncing payments in accounting applications

When renting out an order, the customer is created in QuickBooks if they don’t already exist. Customer details and payments are synced whenever the relevant transactions are synced. Any payments made either in QuickBooks or EZRentOut are synced. 

All payments recorded in Plug’ n Pay (by default, all rented out orders) can also be synced in QuickBooks under Sales > Invoices. All these payments are also synced in your Xero account.

Here’s how you can integrate QuickBooks with EZRentOut: QuickBooks Online | QuickBooks Desktop

Note: All the details (except payments) are pushed from EZRentOut to QuickBooks. Your QuickBooks transactions, customers or taxes are not pulled into EZRentOut.

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