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Press Release Jan 24 2023

Enterprise Asset Management Software Pioneer EZ Web Enterprises Advances Digital Transformation In Business Operations With Launch Of Strategic Consolidation And New Corporate Brand Name, EZO


EZO expands its family of EAM software offerings and unveils innovative equipment maintenance solution, EZO CMMS

Carson City, NV – January 24, 2023 – EZ Web Enterprises, a leading cloud-based asset management software provider, announced today that it has launched a strategic consolidation of its product offerings and renamed the company EZO. The name change reflects the organization’s mission to provide operations teams with streamlined, easy-to-use, and powerful solutions for tracking and managing assets in almost any imaginable workflow. 

In addition to the company’s new name, EZO also launched today its innovative equipment maintenance solution, EZO CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), an asset-first operations solution that seeks to go beyond simple work order management by providing intuitive workflows which support the end-to-end management of all team activity involved in asset maintenance. The system makes both assets and work schedules easily accessible and manageable by maintenance supervisors from a single location. It also helps teams resolve issues before they happen, supporting preventative measures to maintain equipment for stable, continuous operations — ensuring audit readiness and compliance, warranty tracking, and a focus on preempting issues that can be disruptive to business.

“Our priority has always been to help operations leaders align asset management processes with the strategic goals of their respective organizations. And further, our solutions offer a solid foundation for data-driven decision-making that can both improve processes and help drive transformation methodologies across an entire organization,” said Syed Ali, Chief Executive Officer, EZO. “Today marks a major milestone for our company and we could not be more excited about our new name and innovative CMMS product launch. The brand EZO is derived from the name of the company’s flagship product, EZOfficeInventory, our award-winning physical asset tracking software system. We are proud of the last decade of work and can’t wait to take the asset management industry to another level with the addition of new solutions.” 

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