Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Maintenance Software

Asset Maintenance Software

Optimize Asset Performance to Turn Downtime into Uptime

Managing assets shouldn’t be stressful but smooth. Embrace EZO CMMS, an enterprise-level asset maintenance software, designed to manage the full asset lifecycle, maximizing asset performance and reducing downtime.

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Increase Uptime with Asset Maintenance Management Software

Our state-of-the-art asset maintenance system is designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your assets, leading to increased asset uptime.

Extend Asset Lifespan with Comprehensive Asset Tracking

Gain quick access to detailed records of every asset within your organization, including location, status, and maintenance history. Our asset maintenance system offers instant insights into asset details such as purchase data, warranty specifics, and service logs, making the asset management process more organized and transparent.

Maximize Efficiency with Enhanced Asset Analytics

Use robust analytics tools to make informed decisions. Our asset maintenance management software is equipped with advanced reporting features, enabling you to track asset performance, identify trends, and generate custom reports and dashboards for deeper insights. Asset performance metrics such as Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) help track the effectiveness of your maintenance activities.

Control Inventory Efficiently for Smooth Operations

Manage spare parts and maintenance supplies seamlessly with integrated inventory management. Our asset maintenance tracking system ensures timely availability of necessary parts required for maintenance tasks, preventing delays and facilitating smooth operations.

Access Asset Data on the Go with Mobile Accessibility

Access asset maintenance data anytime, anywhere with our mobile-friendly interface. Our asset maintenance management system enables maintenance teams to update work orders, view asset information, and communicate in real-time, enhancing responsiveness and flexibility.

Key Industries that Need Asset Maintenance Software




Facilities management


Energy and utilities


Hotels and resorts


Retail and restaurants


Arenas and stadiums

Frequently Asked Questions

An asset maintenance system involves the steps taken to ensure a business’s assets, including facilities, machinery, vehicles, or equipment, are maintained in the best possible way. The goal is to extend the lifespan of the assets without affecting operations.
The four main types of maintenance include:
  • Reactive Maintenance (also referred to as run-to-failure or breakdown maintenance)
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Reliability-Centered Maintenance
Each maintenance type works best in specific situations.
Asset maintenance revolves around guiding the physical execution of maintenance equipment and activities efficiently whereas asset management focuses on analyzing all the data for the work needed on the assets themselves.

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