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Asset Intelligence and Management

Property Maintenance Software

Property Maintenance Software

Say Goodbye to Paperwork, Simplify Property Management

Streamline property maintenance requests anytime, anywhere with EZO CMMS — an efficient and user-friendly property maintenance management system.

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Reduce Response Times to Property Maintenance Requests

Over 70% of property managers engage in property inspections. But how do they do it right? They use a CMMS solution. Respond faster to maintenance requests and simplify your property maintenance processes using our property maintenance software.

Efficient Portfolio Management for Multiple Properties

Maintenance managers overseeing multiple properties can track maintenance needs across their entire portfolio. Streamline maintenance processes across all your buildings and properties using EZO CMMS property maintenance software. Allocate resources effectively and monitor all maintenance activities in one centralized platform.

Enhanced Tenant Satisfaction

Quick and efficient handling of maintenance requests results in increased tenant satisfaction and improved tenant retention rates. With the help of a property maintenance program, tenants can directly submit maintenance requests for rental, residential, and commercial properties, reducing the burden on your end. Address only those matters that need your specific attention.

Comprehensive Building Condition Assessments

Schedule regular inspections and maintenance of crucial building systems such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. EZO CMMS software enables proactive maintenance to prevent costly damages.

Improved Safety and Compliance Tracking

Ensure all maintenance tasks comply with safety standards and protocols for buildings and residential and commercial properties. Using property maintenance tracking software, you can proactively minimize potential risks and liability, protecting your properties.

Vendor and Contractor Management

Efficiently manage relationships with external vendors and contractors, with contract management, performance tracking, and payment modules. This is crucial for tasks such as landscaping, cleaning, and specialized repairs. Streamline operations for smooth and transparent interactions with vendors and contractors using our property maintenance software.

Monitoring Response and Resolution Times

Track how quickly maintenance teams respond to and resolve maintenance requests and emergencies for various real estate properties and buildings. This is key for tenant satisfaction and operational efficiency. Our property maintenance system ensures maintenance requests are fulfilled promptly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Building maintenance software helps streamline time-consuming tasks within your facilities, enabling you to generate reporting systems for maintenance requests on critical equipment, fixtures, and fittings. It also allows your team to efficiently track work orders and manage space across various properties, from office buildings to warehouses.
Property management software allows you to create a tenant portal and set up automated rent reminders and payments for tenants. The automated features encourage tenants to pay rent on time, thus reducing the risk of late or missed payments.
A CMMS helps facility management teams perform preventive maintenance, track work orders in real-time, and manage their facilities effectively.

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