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Work Order management
Unlimited Work Orders ✔ ✔
Worklogs ✔ ✔
Checklist ✔ ✔
Planner ✔ ✔
Queue View ✔ ✔
Preventive Maintenance ✔ ✔
Work Requests ✔ ✔
Priority Sets Due Date ✔ ✔
Custom Work Types ✔ ✔
Work Triage ✔
Multi-asset Work Orders ✔ ✔
Inventory Return ✔
Inventory Purchase for Work Orders ✔
Linking Purchase Orders to Work Orders ✔ ✔
Work Order Review Flow ✔ ✔
Assets, Locations, and Purchasing
Asset and Stock Module ✔ ✔
Inventory Module ✔ ✔
Scan Center ✔ ✔
Custody Management for maintenance users for maintenance users
Carts ✔
Bundles ✔
Packages ✔
Custody Verification ✔
Audit Trail ✔
Purchase Orders ✔ ✔
Multi-tier for POs ✔
Item Imports ✔ ✔
Availability Calendar ✔
Reservations ✔ ✔
Locations and Nesting ✔ ✔
Members, Roles, and Teams
Custom Roles ✔
Active Directory ✔
Member Hourly Rates ✔ ✔
Overtime Compensation ✔
Teams ✔
UserListings ✔
Groups ✔ ✔
Mobile Work Orders ✔ ✔
Mobile Worklogs and Inventory ✔ ✔
Mobile Dashboards ✔ ✔
Mobile Planner ✔ ✔
Dashboards and Analytics
Role Dashboards ✔ ✔
Custom Dashboards ✔
Insights Dashboard ✔
Default Reports ✔ ✔
Custom Reporting ✔
Report Scheduling ✔
Report Exports ✔ ✔
Alerts and Notifications
Default Alerts ✔ ✔
Custom Alerts ✔
Projects and Documents
Projects Module ✔
Contracts Module ✔
Vendor Management ✔ ✔
Printout Templates ✔ ✔
Jira ✔
ZenDesk ✔
Google Workspace ✔
Knowledge Base ✔ ✔
7x 24 Email Support ✔ ✔
Guided Onboarding Session ✔
Phone Support ✔
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Designated Account Manager Enterprise* Enterprise*
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$75 User/Month
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The next-generation maintenance management system.

Features Section

A complete maintenance management toolset on a unified platform

Work Order Management

Simplified work order management that provides a complete view of your team’s work

Asset Management

Powerful asset management software for efficient inventory tracking and utilization

Preventive Maintenance

Keep your most valuable assets in peak working condition with seamless equipment maintenance

Parts & Inventory Management

Maximize control and visibility with EZO CMMS’ comprehensive inventory management capabilities

Reports & Analytics

Discover and share actionable insights to optimize maintenance operations

What’s in it for you?

Unlimited Assets

Easily manage and optimize all your equipment in one place

*Fair usage policy applies

Unlimited Work Orders

Create and assign works orders and never worry about them being mishandled

Unlimited Work Requests

When dealing with work requests from staff, vendors, and customers don’t be limited

Out-of-the-box 10+ integrations

Integrate with your favorite app from our list of integrations or create one with our APIs

Additional Services

Custom Implementation Services

Maximize the return on your investment with EZO’s professional implementation services

Advanced Asset Management Features (EZOfficeInventory Add-on)

Expand your visibility and control with EZOfficeinventory’s powerful asset management capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you ever needed to know about EZO CMMS
There are 3 types of paid users in EZO CMMS:
Administrators: They can view and take actions on all Items regardless of their location, group or arbitration settings. You can have multiple Admins per account to suit your business workflows.

Work Supervisor: A Supervisor has all the permissions of an Administrator but only for members in their user listing. They can create, route, review and update Work Orders.

Technicians: Technicians are mainly responsible for carrying out work assigned to them. They report directly to the supervisor, can do work, and send work orders for review when completed. Also, technicians can reserve, check-in, and acknowledge custody of assigned items.
There is only one type of unpaid user in EZO CMMS:
Staff Users: They have very limited access to the system as compared to other users. They can only request work, receive and request custody.
Yes, you can add and remove users at any time. Subscription charges for new or removed users will be prorated based on the number of days left in your current subscription.
Yes, all customers have access to our support resources. Email and phone support is available during US business hours. You will also have access to our customer success team and dedicated solutions consultant that will help you maintain a successful CMMS implementation to help you get maximum productivity and value from the solution.

The EZO Platform

Award-winning, innovative asset intelligence and management solutions, trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.

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