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Work Order Software

Work Order Software

Manage Your Work Orders Effortlessly

Easily create, execute, and monitor work orders with our robust work order software.

Simplify Operations with Our Work Order Management Software

Need help in handling and organizing your work orders? Streamline the process of receiving maintenance requests, automatically generating and assigning work orders to assets, locations, or technicians, and monitoring their real-time progress of work orders – all in one place using EZO CMMS—our robust work order management software.

Optimize Workflows with Work Command Centre

Manual work orders can make your workflow more complicated and have more room for human error. Transition to our efficient work order software to manage tasks, repairs, and work orders and streamline maintenance operations.

Work Planning and Scheduling:

Strategically plan and schedule maintenance tasks and repairs and create work orders to minimize downtime and prevent operational disruptions.

Tracking and Monitoring

Enable end-to-end monitoring of work orders and their progress to ensure deadlines are met and identify any bottlenecks in the process for enhanced efficiency.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Experience operational flexibility and adaptability to quickly adjust schedules and resources in response to unexpected changes or emergencies, ensuring seamless workflow continuity.

Maximize Equipment ROI with Work Order Software

Unexpected breakdowns can significantly impact equipment lifespan and efficiency. Our maintenance work order software ensures preventive maintenance schedules are maintained, costs and budgets are managed, work orders are tracked, and equipment history is preserved for informed decision-making.

Maintaining Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Perform regular maintenance and timely repairs to prevent major breakdowns and extend equipment lifespan, ensuring it operates in an optimal condition.

Cost Control and Budgeting

Keep detailed records of all maintenance and repair costs to analyze trends and identify recurring issues.

Work Order Tracking and History

Track equipment history, performance, and maintenance to make informed decisions on repairs, replacements, and future investments.

Gain Valuable Data-Driven Insights

Tracking pending work orders or measuring repair efficiency can pose several challenges. Our work order management system simplifies this by offering insightful maintenance metrics such as Work Order Backlog, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) to resolve backlog issues, improve repair times, and increase equipment reliability.

Work Order Backlog

This metric tracks the number of pending work orders yet to be completed.

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR):

This metric measures the average time taken to repair equipment or resolve issues.

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

This metric indicates the average time between failures of a piece of equipment.

Navigate Workflows Easily with Mobile Access

Manage your work orders and workflows on the go with our mobile-friendly work order tracking software. Mobile access enables instant updates and communication between field technicians and management, leading to efficient maintenance operations and quicker response times.

Work Order Documentation

Maintain consistency in work order records with immediate access to work order details.

Supervisor and Technician Dashboards

Access separate dashboards for supervisors and technicians, simplifying their respective workflows.

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

Send mobile push notifications and email alerts to users’ mobile devices when tasks in a work order are allocated to them.

Key industries that Need Work Order Scheduling Software




Facilities management


Energy and utilities


Hotels and resorts


Retail and restaurants


Arenas and stadiums

Frequently Asked Questions

A work order in software helps you track the completion of tasks and record the usage of resources, including labor and parts. Maintenance teams can use this information to develop clear metrics for performance monitoring, trend analysis, and continuous improvement.
The four types of work orders include on-demand, preventive, internal, and third-party. They can be managed either manually or with advanced CMMS software.
A work order is a task or job designated for a customer, which can be planned and then assigned to someone, typically a technician. It may originate from a customer or created internally within an organization. Work orders may also be initiated as follow-ups to audits or inspections. An example of a work order is repairing a forklift or fixing a generator.

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