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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Effortlessly upgrade the maintenance of your hotels, resorts, and restaurants by streamlining operations, exceeding guest expectations, and boosting ROI.

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Boost Hotel Performance with EZO CMMS

EZO CMMS offers robust hotel maintenance management software to enhance guest satisfaction, improve staff efficiency, and reduce costs. It minimizes downtime, optimizes capacity utilization, and ensures full booking.

Prioritize hotel tasks and track all work requests efficiently

Manage work orders efficiently with hotel maintenance software. Empower your hotel staff to make work requests and prioritize them based on urgency. From guest room and corridor upkeep to kitchen appliance servicing and laundry facility maintenance, ensure hygiene protocol compliance and maintain pools, spas, recreational facilities, and grounds.

Manage complex hospitality facilities

Use location management for streamlined preventive maintenance across multiple properties. Simplify the oversight of guest rooms and facilities in complex hospitality layouts using hotel maintenance software and ensure all areas are adequately serviced.

Enhance guest satisfaction and staff coordination

Automate task assignments and enhance communication among technicians, directors, and staff by using mentions within work orders. This will lead to improved guest satisfaction and staff communication.

Optimize staff allocation and scheduling for seasonal demands

Use our intuitive work planner within the hotel maintenance software for efficient maintenance. Quickly assign tasks to available technicians and ensure issues are resolved on time, especially during peak guest seasons.

Achieve positive ROI for your hospitality operations

Create custom reports to make informed decisions about resources, assets, and maintenance processes, reducing costs associated with unplanned downtime across your hotel facilities.

Empower your housekeeping staff for easy CMMS adoption

Set customized dashboards for each role. From room service to maintenance, enable your hotel staff to access only information relevant to them, streamlining communication and tasks to reduce clutter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel maintenance management software is a centralized online platform that manages a hotel’s everyday operations. This includes organizing tasks, managing bookings and reservations, managing occupancy, managing accounts, and much more.
A hotel room management system is designed to help hotels and lodging facilities efficiently manage room inventory and reservations. It usually provides tools for managing reservations, room availability, pricing, billing, and customer information.
Hotel maintenance management systems provide customized solutions to keep the hotel business operating optimally. Typically, the software is designed for the hospitality industry and operates as a central hub for all hotel information. This allows management and staff to securely access the essential data in one place.

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