Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Facilities Management Software

Facilities Management Software

Manage Your Facility Operations from Anywhere, Anytime

Simplify day-to-day management of your facility operations to reduce downtime and increase cost efficiency.

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Cut Downtime & Enhance Collaboration Across Facilities

More than half of maintenance experts use facilities management solutions to maintain buildings and reduce downtime. They do this by managing all tasks from one platform and working together. The smart use of technology streamlines facility operations and leads to several key benefits:

Cost efficiency

Lower costs with efficient resource management, ensuring your operations are running without interruptions

Smart decisions

Make informed decisions through smart analysis to reduce unnecessary delays and streamline workflows

Maintain compliance

Stay compliant with maintenance regulations

Increase Uptime & Streamline Workflows with Facilities Management Software

Real-Time Updates, Reduced Costs

Get real-time updates on mobile devices to reduce downtime, allowing technicians to update their status on the go. You can streamline work order management across facilities to lower maintenance and inventory costs.

Proactive Preventive Maintenance, Maximized Uptime

Schedule maintenance across facilities to prevent unexpected outages, ensuring technicians are available when needed. You can automate operations and use checklists to keep your facility running smoothly.

Faster Response Times, Satisfied Occupants

Increase facility uptime and ensure occupant satisfaction by employing proactive maintenance strategies. This allows for quick and efficient handling of new requests without delay.

Smart Audits, Better Decisions

Generate detailed reports to track safety and compliance and analyze metrics for smart insights. This streamlines audits and supports informed decision-making.

Types of Facilities

Industrial facilities

Industrial facilities are the backbone of production and manufacturing, designed to handle complex machinery and intensive processes. Common industrial facilities include power plants, factories, warehouses, chemical plants, refineries, and agricultural centers. Managing these facilities poses unique challenges, such as maintaining heavy machinery, and ensuring safety.

Commercial facilities

Commercial facilities are important for economic growth as they offer specialized services and encourage consumer interactions. Types of commercial facilities include retail stores, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, conference centers, and entertainment venues. Maintenance of such facilities involves HVAC upkeep, cleaning, lighting management, and aesthetic improvements.

Residential facilities

Residential facilities are places where people can live comfortably, relax, have fun, and socialize with others every day. Residential facilities include apartments, villas, dormitories, retirement homes, and townhouses. Maintenance in such facilities includes electrical checks and plumbing, communal upkeep, and structural maintenance.

Institutional facilities

Institutional facilities are significant for societal growth, knowledge sharing, and public welfare. Examples include hospitals, schools, universities, museums, libraries, religious institutions, government buildings, community centers, and rehabilitation centers. Schools need good lighting and temperature control for learning, while hospitals need cleanliness and reliable medical equipment.

Recreational facilities

Recreational facilities enhance the human experience, serving as hubs for entertainment, leisure, and physical activity. These include gyms, swimming pools, stadiums, ski resorts, golf courses, and amusement parks. Maintenance of recreational facilities includes regular upkeep of infrastructure and equipment to handle large crowds.

EZO CMMS: The Right Fit for Your Facility Needs

Facility Asset Management

Your facility includes a variety of assets, requiring an expert maintenance team to maintain them. EZO CMMS helps manage assets and protect maintenance data with customized templates attached to work orders. This makes your technicians become experts with all assets.

Facility Preventive Maintenance

You can stay ahead with your maintenance game by solving issues at your own pace. EZO CMMS allows you to schedule repairs and maintenance to detect and resolve minor issues before they become worse and more costly.

Facility Inventory Management

Ensure you have the right parts when needed without spending much through effective inventory management. EZO CMMS helps simplify inventory management by setting and monitoring min/max levels, automatically updating them, and notifying about low stock levels.

Facility Work Order Management

The best way to get your work done is with work orders, and EZO CMMS offers streamlined workflows to manage them. You can review and approve work requests, and create, prioritize, assign, and track work orders – all from a single platform. Technicians can use templates to complete work orders quickly.

Facility Reporting

EZO CMMS makes it easier to capture and use facility data in real time. Use data to create easy-to-understand reports with graphs, maintenance metrics, and KPIs for better value and understanding. Seeing more of what you do helps you make smart choices based on data, saving money and reducing worry.

Facility Mobile App

Your maintenance team needs to be on-site, not sitting behind a desk, to keep facility maintenance operations running. The EZO CMMS mobile app helps technicians work efficiently on the go. It includes push notifications, image uploads, and offline sync on mobile devices, providing powerful tools in their pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facility management software allows facility managers to manage their entire repair and maintenance operations through an online dashboard. This solution helps facilities save time and money by effectively managing their assets, buildings, and occupants.
Facility management software is used in several industries like healthcare, education, manufacturing, government sectors, and commercial real estate, where managing complex facility operations and maintenance is crucial to ensure peak performance.
The different types of facilities management systems are as follows:
  • Real estate management
  • Facility planning
  • Occupancy and space management
  • Maintenance, operations, and building management
  • Asset management
  • Energy management and sustainability
  • Emergency readiness
  • Employee and occupant experience
  • Workplace health and wellness
  • Technology and smart office planning
  • Managing the future of work
  • Support documents

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