Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Facilities Management Software

Facility Management Software

Facilities Management Software Designed To Take Charge of Your Work Requests

empower your team with visibility & control

Effortlessly manage your work orders, team and assets for improved uptime and performance. Stay on top of critical KPIs to achieve sustainability, safety and compliance goals.

Never lose sight of maintenance requests with facility management software

Avoid backlogs and improve response time for swift actions to urgent work requests

CMMS work planner

One-Stop Maintenance Solution For Facility Management

Improve visibility and accountability for work orders

Get instant updates about the status of all your work orders and their assignees right from your dashboard. Delegate work to users, accelerate pending requests and view progress to ensure all maintenance tasks get completed on time.

Cut costs with automated inventory control and tracking

Track inventory costs for all your work orders at a single place. Avoid last minute outages by keeping tabs on tools and parts required for each job from the start.

Lower downtime by scheduling preventive maintenance

Plan recurring preventive maintenance to prevent unexpected downtime during critical operations. Associated checklists help you ensure that all safety standards are met for increased uptime.

Boost Safety & compliance with streamlined audits

Carry out audits for all maintenance job sites to ensure that all your equipment is within authorized possession guidelines. Easily flag any damaged Items to stay in line with compliance regulations.

Instant insights to work with reports and analytics

Run smart analytics to keep a check on asset performance, work order response times, labor costs and more. Identify trends to help visualize improvements on overall equipment efficiency and productivity.

Reduce response time with enhanced team collaboration

Alert team members for incoming work orders by tagging them on each relevant task. Delegate work to the right user by defining permissions for supervisors, managers and technicians. Generate role-based KPI dashboards to help users address urgent concerns with reduced response time for work order completion.

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